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On the record

...trespassing after notice Jimmie Johnson, 53, public drunk Devalle Jeffrey McCain, 27, driving under suspension Trudi Faye Mikell, 26, simple assault and battery, disorderly conduct Jorge Montero Ramos, 25, parking in handicap space Donald...
For the record

...32, probation violation Carlos Andre Harges, 45, shoplifting Eric Elon Heard, 19, criminal domestic violence Trudi Faye Mikell, 26, disorderly conduct Dewey Wayne Powell, 50, driving under suspension more than the first Chadwick Allen Rish...

...violation Florence Mealing, 59, driving under the influence, violation of child restraint, child endangerment Trudi Faye Mikell, 27, disorderly conduct Rufus Al Staley, 25, simple assault Andrew Neal Williams, 59, criminal domestic violence...