Taylor: Like a parent, God is tough with us, but it's out of love

...so modern, God says, "The more I called them, the more they went from me ... It was I who taught the young, childish tribe of Ephraim to walk. It was I who took them up in my arms, but my children didn't know that I was the one who healed them...

Magnolia Cemetery keeps history of Augusta alive

...Perhaps one of the most unique graves is that of John Martin, a soldier who fought against the British and hostile Indian tribes.He died Valentine's Day 1843 at the age of 105. The most unique thing about Martin's grave is the cannon he brought home...

The Artside: Arts offerings include exhibits, history, shows, contests

...The center's current exhibit is "Native Americans of the Savannah River Region," which tells the story of the various tribes that inhabited the area through the British Colonial period. Among those included in the exhibit are the Catawba, Cherokee...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Birthday event to celebrate Native American heritage

...presentation, "The exhibit tells the story of the various tribes who inhabited the CSRA through the British Colonial period including...Choctaw, Creek/Muscogee, Yuchi and the Westos/Savannah" tribes.The exhibit includes extensive collections of Native American...

Race isn't worth fighting over, I found out long ago

...racial form, I had had enough. I remembered reading that some tribes in Alaska stood to collect big money from the federal government...and it gave me a menu; among my choices were the Alaskan tribes, so I put myself down as "Aleut.""Moore," my captain...

Providence Baptist helps children in Honduras

...God's love with them.Last year, the team went to a village to take food to the Tolupanes people, one of the few indigenous tribes left in the country."They never come to the city," Prosser said. "Most of them, until last year, had never seen a white...

Tribe says S.C. law allows reservation gambling

...Carolina's only federally recognized tribe argued before the state's Supreme Court...Catawbas the right to gamble but that the tribe gave up that right voluntarily in its settlement...with state and federal governments, the tribe agreed to drop a lawsuit claiming that...

NFL, Indian tribe to meet about team's nickname

WASHINGTON - The NFL is prepared to meet with an Indian tribe pushing for the Washington Redskins to drop the team's nickname. Just not this week.As league owners gathered Monday in the...

Idaho Indian tribe takes gamble on Internet gambling

...Matheson said. Between the tribe and the pot of gold...Commission to prohibit tribes from offering Internet...authorized the Coeur d'Alene tribe's lottery. The commission...of the new law, other tribes are preparing to offer...the St. Regis Mohawk tribe of northern New York...

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Tribe still supports Florida State use of nickname

...nickname, the first time the Tribe has taken an official public...and white the sentiment of the Tribe, because we feel that it is...represent the spirit of the Seminole Tribe of Florida," said Max Osceola...other organization, people or Tribes should respect our wishes as...

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