Jeff Miller: Separation according to color is too easy, and not what God wants

...there is hope. If we are inviting God's Kingdom on Earth, as the Lord's Prayer tells us to, then we desire that the every tribe, tongue and nation that worship God in heaven might be reflected here and now as well, and maybe under the same roof on Sunday...

Idaho Indian tribe takes gamble on Internet gambling

...Matheson said. Between the tribe and the pot of gold...Commission to prohibit tribes from offering Internet...authorized the Coeur d'Alene tribe's lottery. The commission...of the new law, other tribes are preparing to offer...the St. Regis Mohawk tribe of northern New York...

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Tribe says S.C. law allows reservation gambling

...Carolina's only federally recognized tribe argued before the state's Supreme Court...Catawbas the right to gamble but that the tribe gave up that right voluntarily in its settlement...with state and federal governments, the tribe agreed to drop a lawsuit claiming that...

Tribe still supports Florida State use of nickname

...nickname, the first time the Tribe has taken an official public...and white the sentiment of the Tribe, because we feel that it is...represent the spirit of the Seminole Tribe of Florida," said Max Osceola...other organization, people or Tribes should respect our wishes as...

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Utah tribe fights state for right to build nuclear waste dump

...unsavory neighbors make it hard for the tribe to attract jobs, and more and more of...members are leaving to find work. So the tribe decided to make a virtue of its desolation...other state. But the plan has divided the tribe and placed it in conflict with state leaders...

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Tribes demand speed up culvert fixes for salmon

...of time, a lawyer for Native American tribes said Tuesday. John C. Sledd, representing nine of the 19 tribes in the case, asked U.S. District Judge...restoration efforts by governmental agencies, tribes and private interests and that, if granted...

State leaders want first crack at changes to tribe's S.C. gaming

...South Carolina. But now the tribe wants to be placed under the...site from some restrictions the tribe operates under at its bingo...electronically to those of other Indian tribes. That way, they could offer...more than $100,000. The tribe is willing to fight the issue...

Georgia tribe led by women

...the only female chief in the Cofitachequi tribe. "She was one of the ruling elite of...says. The Cofitachequi was a matrilinear tribe -- the crown was passed down through the mothers -- but this South Carolina tribe was the only one in the Southeast with...

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Historical mysteries: Indian tribe was remarkably European

...Carolina were surprised when they found a tribe of Englishspeaking Indians who dressed...more astounding was the way many of the tribe looked. Although most had dark skins...settlers simply joined up with a local tribe in order to survive. They eventually intermarried...

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Tribe has Eagles in quandary

...about the Eagles as they know about the Tribe.The teams meet in the second round of...for the CAA regular-season title.The Tribe was ranked No. 1 in the nation in The...Villanova, 13-12.This season, the Tribe finished the regular season with a 41-3...

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