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Festival spotlights American Indians'd never figure Pat Lokey as a member of the Tribal Council of Beaver Creek Indians. Ms. Lokey was among several...know that we are here." Pat Lokey, a member of Tribal Council of Beaver Creek Indians Reach Stephen Gurr at (803...
"Survivor" finale leads CBS to easy victory in the ratings

...2000. Used car salesman Brian Heidik, judging from the blistering comments by fellow contestants during the final tribal council, may be the show's most villainous champion since Hatch. While it may not be discussed over every water-cooler...
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An insult to us all

...Florida State has a better record and relationship with American Indians than the NCAA ever dreamed of having. The tribal council of the Seminole tribe of Florida has "unequivocally" supported Florida State's use of the tribe's name and symbols...
Former 'Survivor' lands job on 'The View'

...took a vote. Then they held up scraps of paper with the name "Elisabeth" written on them in a send-up of the tribal council vote on "Survivor." "I feel good sitting here," Hasselbeck, a former shoe designer and host of the Style Channel's...
Study could bring grants to Beaver Creek Indians how we fix that difference." The surveys, to be completed on a given day at a given site and facilitated by tribal council leaders, will examine eight categories, including crime, public services, housing and transportation. A timetable...
'Survivor' watch: Week 5

...the signal building contest. - Voted out -- Who do bartenders share their woes with? In Rotu's first trip to Tribal Council, Cade earns all seven votes. (Vecepia Towery had wished for tribal unity earlier, saying shared adversity would...
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Current 'Survivor': Our story so far

...gorefest is Maraamu's continuing demise. Office manager Vecepia Towery made the L gesture for "loser," adding in Tribal Council that each member would have to dig deep for her source of strength. But this tribe seems to be digging deeper into...
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'Survivor' picks its $1 million winner

...produces NBC's "The Apprentice," remains a top-level ratings performer. After the final votes were cast at the tribal council in Panama, they were tallied on a live broadcast Sunday night from the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan.
FSU presses forward with appeal

...on its list ignored the school's relationship with the tribe, which was recently ratified in a resolution by the tribal council. The resolution said in part that the university had "permission" to use the tribe's name and symbols, including...
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...that I was ready to go home," Ashby told The Associated Press Friday. "I knew that I was ready to go home. So tribal council was a good thing." Despite surviving the 10th edition's kickball-style tribe selection in the premiere episode...
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