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Alzheimer's deaths increasing more than other causes, data show

A report prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statisticsy shows a greater rise in death rates for Alzheimer's.
World Health Organization launches expanded HIV treatment

NAIROBI, Kenya -- Promising cheaper drugs, simpler regimens and more money, two U.N. agencies launched a campaign Monday to provide 3 million HIV-infected people with the latest drugs available by the end of 2005, potentially revolutionizing treatment of the disease.
Mystery illness appears to be caused by common cold virus

ATLANTA -- U.S. and international health officials now believe a flu-like illness from Asia that has sickened hundreds of people may actually be a new, virulent version of an old enemy: the common cold virus.
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Churches support blacks

MACON, Ga. - Dexter Zachary said he wasn't angry after discovering he had contracted HIV from his boyfriend.
Barnes pushes cancer facility

ATLANTA - Three world-class cancer centers would open in Georgia during the next five to seven years under a plan announced Wednesday by Gov. Roy Barnes, making the state a leader in research, prevention and treatment of the disease. Although no sites have been identified, the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta is considered a strong candidate to land one of the centers. "We already have a lot of the infrastructure," MCG President Francis J. Tedesco said after the governor's announcement at the Capitol. "I would be surprised if we weren't one of the major centers."
Scientists win Nobel Prize for medicine

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Arvid Carlsson is rewarded for his discovery that dopamine is a transmitter in the brain and that is has great importance for our ability to control movements.
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MCG wins distinction with clinic

...recognized by the National Parkinson Foundation Inc., the largest international organization supporting research and treatment of the disease. The MCG clinic is the only one in Georgia or South Carolina to have earned the distinction, said director Dr...
Not enough evidence about tamoxifen

LONDON -- Contradicting U.S. findings, British scientists who conducted the longest-running study of tamoxifen have concluded there is not enough evidence the drug prevents breast cancer, according to research published Friday. Although scientists agree tamoxifen fights the recurrence of breast cancer in women who already have had surgery, they are divided over whether it prevents the disease from occurring in the first place.
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Woman completes Journey of Hope

Deborah Simone promised her dying husband she would complete his cross-country trek to raise awareness about hepatitis C.
Test might help detect Alzheimer's in early stages

WASHINGTON - A highly sensitive new test could lead to a different way to diagnose people with Alzheimer's disease, possibly helping find the illness in its early stages when there might be time for treatment.
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