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For the record

...ordered to pay restitution, have no contact with the victim or place of altercation, continue with any course of treatment for depression and take all medications pertaining to that treatment as deemed necessary Sentenced by Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet...
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For the record

...probation and ordered to submit to random drug screens, earn general educational developmental diploma, get treatment for depression and follow the doctor's orders Raymond Neal Moyer , 37, of the 3500 block of Cornwall Road, criminal attempt...
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Across the area

...toxic effects of Alprazolam and Trazodone complicating hypertensive cardiovascular disease." Trazodone is a treatment for depression and, in some cases, insomnia, and Alprazolam is usually prescribed for anxiety, according to webMD...
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Deaths among black males are rising

...insecurity and marriages falling apart if they lose their source of income, she said. Too many don't seek treatment for depression before it's too late. "They are just twisted and twisted in this," Dr. Butler said, "and there is nobody...
Hoax creator says he needed treatment for depression

TRENTON, S.C. - Ray Tanner Jr. said he tried to kill himself, but he can't explain why he went to such great lengths to do it.
Study: Depression treatment soared over 10-year period

...percent to 60 percent. While an increase in treatment for depression was not surprising, "the size of the increase...medication with psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for depression. While many of the patients studied received...
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Stimulation of spot in brain triggers depression

...hold families together? --Can brain stimulation also trigger symtoms of mania, and would this be a possible treatment for depression? --Could stimulation of other parts of the brain treat such disorders as alcoholism, drug abuse, aggression...
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Deal could hurt generic drug makers

...form of Prozac that promises a more effective treatment for depression, possibly without some of the troubling side...R-fluoxetine, also may prove a more effective treatment for depression and other diseases, such as anxiety and eating...
Antidepressants play bit part in Coles-Coverdell drug debate director for the Mental Health Association of Atlanta. "You see a headline 'Candidate receives treatment for depression.' Do they ever say 'Candidate receives treatment for heart disease or diabetes or cancer?"' Antidepressant...
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St. John's Wort may ease mild depression

...heard about St. John's wort - an ancient medicinal herb that is gaining popularity as an over-the-counter treatment for depression. "I thought, `Well, I'm going to try that,' " Gonnell recalled. She found a bottle of pills containing...
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