Vacation insurance worth considering

...the unimaginable and not need the insurance than to need it and not have it. Always when you are traveling, ask your travel agent about the insurance. If you have special needs, be sure it is covered."According to Lynne Peters, a travel insurance...

Travel agent testifies in Jackson trial

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A travel agent testifying under immunity in Michael Jackson's child molestation...immunity granted by Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville. The travel agent's testimony came a day after Mesereau announced that one member...

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Mission trip out $20,000 for fares

...Airlines changed its ticket policy and Adair needed a travel agent. Someone suggested Lynnette Johnson, of Memory Makers...through the BBB.In Perry, Ga., on Thursday, a travel agent named Sara Betty Bearden was ordered to pay $59,000...

Travel insurance can come in handy

Q: I'm planning a trip this summer, and my travel agent suggested purchasing travel insurance. Is this a good idea? A: Travel insurance can come in handy to cover lost expenses when...

Dream spring break may spell trouble

...in Providence, R.I., and a travel agent at Church Travel, one of New England's...primer: Consult with your local travel agent. A reputable travel professional...representatives, rather than a reputable travel agent. Make sure your trip has a guaranteed...

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Clergy of rentapriest.com deliver God's word, perform rites after leaving Catholic Church

One is a psychotherapist. A second is a retired travel agent. A third sells medical equipment. But Sean Patrick...Ralph Bastian, 78, of Tacoma, Wash., became a travel agent after he left religious life to get married in 1969...

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ValuJet to offer free bus rides to Atlanta

...officials' efforts to woo another airline to Bush Field, a travel agent said Tuesday. The discount airline plans to shuttle...still harm recruiting, according to Julie Armstrong, a travel agent with Travel Masters. "If ValuJet offers that, another...

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Internet options for booking flights are expanding daily

...intricate, complicated and sometimes quite slow: Call the airline, look through stacks of thick guidebooks or call a travel agent and hope for the best. No more. Computers revolutionized the air-travel industry, and now the Internet is bringing...

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Competition stiff for retailers

...they find they are competing with travel agents, stock brokers and bill collectors during the holiday sales season. Travel agent Anna ElGammel has joined the ranks of Santa's Helpers as a growing number of her customers shun the malls and give...

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Augusta flights often canceled for other routes

...booked flights, according to Margaret Centers, senior travel agent with Morris Travel in Augusta. Late in the day, airlines...make the carrier money, according to San Francisco travel agent Edward Hasbrouck, who is author of The Practical Nomad...

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