Bedding company setting up plant, distribution center in Thomson

...authority has been working with Hollander for several months and has helped it identify a site that will work with its transportation needs."The interstate access and great workforce is what helped to locate this fine company to our community," said...

With Congress unable to decide how to pay for transportation aid, highway projects may suffer

...construction and maintenance. But it's been clear for nearly a decade that fuel taxes haven't been keeping pace with transportation needs as the nation's population grows and its infrastructure ages.The 18.4 cents a gallon federal gas tax was...

Diverse groups back Ga. road funding

...When nine of 12 regions rejected TSPLOST, reporters asked state leaders what their Plan B was for addressing transportation needs. During Tuesday's press conference, the organizers of the new coalition favored different terminology."There...

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1998 Gordon Highway, Augusta GA

Potential strike by East Coast longshoremen could affect Augusta businesses

...reached that would avert a strike," Mash said. "Meanwhile, we have contingency plans in place to support our transportation needs and the needs of our customers."The NutraSweet Co. on Lovers Lane in Augusta ships about half of its sales...

So far, sorta good for new governor

...said.His practical bent showed up as he fielded questions after his Buckhead speech. He'd described Georgia transportation needs, mostly in terms of roads.He'd also said he'd talk soon with U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood...

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Region wrestles with transportation priorities

...years than the counties could raise on their own.The process began with each county preparing a wish list of its transportation needs. That list, even after a vetting by the Georgia Department of Transportation, contained $2.6 billion in projects...

Group to push transportation tax for Georgians

...wants their taxes to rise, the fact is that there are no other sources of funding available to meet the state's transportation needs," chamber CEO Chris Clark said in a news release. "Our plan between now and the election is to help Georgians...

Nobody wants to be Georgia's road tax champion

...wants their taxes to rise, the fact is that there are no other sources of funding available to meet the state's transportation needs," continued Clark.Actually, that's not exactly right. There are many kinds of taxes.The chamber spent...

AAA says motorists tolls used for roads they don't use

...representing state departments of transportation expressed concern that it would hinder the ability of states to pay for transportation needs.Federal and state gas and diesel taxes have paid for the bulk of highway costs since construction of the interstate...