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Georgia, local leaders discuss new taxes for transportation funding

Georgia politicians are searching for a solution to fix the state's crumbling infrastructure while determining how to avoid double-taxing regions in the state.
Georgia highways unaffected by federal funding shortfall

...planners acted ahead of federal transportation funding shortfalls to keep construction...projects, he said.A new transportation funding committee created by the...point, seems not to value transportation funding as we do," she said.
Georgia makes plan to move forward on road projects

...projects despite the threat of a loss in federal transportation funding, by using $81.5 million in accrued state...Senate panel approved a bill that would keep transportation funding at current levels plus inflation. The bill...
Solve the transportation funding crisis

...the past year, Georgians everywhere have heard the painful truth that our state is suffering from a massive transportation funding shortfall -- a deficit that has led to the death or postponement of hundreds of local projects, some of them...
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Business groups push to break legislative jam

...session without a deal on transportation funding got an extra push Monday...gridlock over the fate of a transportation funding plan that failed in the...was formed to lobby for transportation funding, urged lawmakers to strike...
Group meets to root out road needs

...Joint Study Committee on Transportation Funding, meeting this week in Savannah...a grass-roots look at transportation funding issues in both rural and...Joint Study Committee on Transportation Funding, is conducting a series...
Democrats back Georgia transportation overhaul

...wraps off a proposal Thursday to overhaul state transportation funding and slammed Gov. Sonny Perdue, saying he's...that Perdue hasn't been aggressive enough on transportation funding. Perdue focused last year on cleaning up management...
Historic Georgia road and rail funding bill approved

...overcame years of struggle and approved a historic transportation funding bill Wednesday, delivering on a plan that would...Atlanta.Business leaders have pressed hard for a transportation funding plan, saying the state's spending has not...
Report says S.C. needs $30 billion more for road repair, transportation

...economy," the report states.The state's transportation funding is so far below regional and national norms that...Legislative leaders say they're uncertain whether transportation funding will be addressed next year in any meaningful...
Mental health professionals say Georgia care needs more improvement

...Alliance on Mental Illness Georgia, said progress has been made but that the state is still struggling with transportation funding for patients, and how to allocate funding for housing.Parts of the settlement require officials to place no...