California craft beer makers struggle under drought restrictions

...Brew ing Co., recently opened plants on the East Coast. But they say the motive was not the drought but to cut transportation costs to those markets.Still, "a lot of brewers are looking to open up new breweries and a lot of them have concerns...

More want local beef, but fewer want tough job of cutting it

...businesses. Farmers with small operations now often have to truck their cattle 50 or 100 miles to be processed. Higher transportation costs are being passed along to customers at farmers markets, restaurants and groceries that specialize in locally grown...

Fueled by oil, agriculture sector welcomes low diesel prices

...expect to see lower prices at the supermarket. Transportation costs constitute only a small slice of those prices...dollar spent at the supermarket goes toward food transportation costs, Kuhns said. Mostly, retail food prices are...

3 tips to help use remaining health account funds

...records for any overlooked expenses. Think beyond the receipt you have from the doctor's office. For instance, transportation costs for a medical visit can be covered. That includes parking fees or miles traveled in your car.3. CAST A WIDE...

Rants & Raves

...one wants to believe it about an adult. Ebola, immigration. They are being controlled the same way: Let them all come and we will separate the ones that must be returned, AFTER THE TAXPAYERS PAY for all medical and transportation costs.

Make recycling mandatory

...economically. Given Augusta's infrastructure, the access to road and rail may alleviate both the environmental and transportation costs.The second issue would be getting the community on board with sorting trash into separate bins and dealing with...

Coroners, families struggle with absence of medical examiner in Augusta

...send them to Newberry."The coroner's office has to pay about $1,000 for the autopsy in addition to the transportation cost, Boose said.He wants coroners in the Augusta region to ask their state representatives to help them get an examiner...

Coroner requests funds to cover transportation costs, employee salary

...an absent medical examiner, Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen is requesting additional funding to help float transportation costs and pay for a part-time employee.The proposal, which calls for $30,000 generated from the department's...

Coroner granted funds to offset transportation costs

The Richmond County Coroner's Office will get some relief now that it can access funds collected through a partnership with Georgia Regents Medical Center.

Rants & Raves

...them all come and we will separate the ones that must be returned, after the taxpayers pay for all medical and transportation costs. A BIG RAVE for Clyde Welch, who helped me change the flat tire on my wife's car in front of Bellevue Cemetery...