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Seat belts on commercial buses still stymied 45 years after recommendations

...belts. Last year, when that still hadn't happened, Congress wrapped bus safety improvements into a larger transportation bill, which was signed into law. Regulations requiring seat belts on new buses were due in September, but are still...
Augusta-area transportation project list will go to voters

...the state does not have enough funding for transportation infrastructure and more cuts are imminent in the next transportation bill.The proposed sales tax project-funded total for the region is $841 million in a 10-year period.Staff Writer...
Much is left to do in final 3 days

...the session ends at midnight Friday, which is increasing predictions that the last day will be postponed. Two transportation bills remain to be settled in House-Senate conference committees. One deals with each chamber's plan for giving...
Lawmaker floats airport takeover considered by the Senate this year. It could be considered next year or get added as an amendment to another transportation bill in the remaining eight legislative days. Mr. Smith, R-Watkinsville, said he didn't expect it to pass immediately...
Transportation bills are on deck

ATLANTA --- This week, the House is expected to consider separate proposals on how to raise additional taxes for transportation while the Senate votes on replacing the main transportation agency.
School districts report rise in homeless pupils they began the year attending, along with meals, books and other support. Some districts report that transportation bills are eating up more than half of their funds for homeless assistance.
DeLay makes the right decision

...and small government. For instance, in the 1998 transportation bill, Congress approved 1,850 "earmarks" - a euphemism for pork; last year's transportation bill contained 6.371 earmarks. DeLay was just as...
Perdue signs transportation bill

ATLANTA - Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a long-awaited transportation bill today that will allow Georgia voters to decide whether to hike the sales tax to pay for roads and infrastructure.The legislation...
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Public needs to know decisions on trash talk

...young attorney said.It was a long meeting day, so no wonder that at the end while talking about the new state transportation bill, City Administrator Fred Russell referred to Georgia DOT as "Georgia Detox."THE MUSICAL M.D.: Medical...
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Analysis: Transportation bill triggers complex machinations

ATLANTA -- Just wait until Georgia cities and counties try figuring out new transportation bill.
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