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Georgia highways unaffected by federal funding shortfall that would have been used for those projects will be applied to the I-285/400 project after a federal transportation bill is passed, she said.Selling the bonds saved jobs and prevented damage to the state's economy, Dale said...
Depletion of federal highway funds stalls projects

...dirt."This summer, Georgia and other states are all totally confused about availability of funds because the transportation bill we have now which expires in September is not fully funded," said Todd Long, Georgia's assistant transportation...
Perdue signs transportation bill

ATLANTA - Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a long-awaited transportation bill today that will allow Georgia voters to decide whether to hike the sales tax to pay for roads and infrastructure.The legislation...
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Highway bill unfair

...congressional lawmakers are against the 2004 federal transportation bill because, at nearly $300 billion, it's too...we've pointed out in this space before, the transportation bill deserves to go down because it is laden with much...
Bill has little opposition

ATLANTA -- On the eve of its first major test, Gov. Roy Barnes' "battle of the session" transportation bill faces limited opposition, winning support even from lawmakers fighting critics back home. Mr. Barnes has been able to convince...
Governors hopeful end to highway funding flap near

...South Carolina Transportation Commission, believes it unlikely that lawmakers will agree on a new long-term transportation bill before the current short-term extension expires on May 1. Before adjourning for the year last November, Congress...
State transportation funds running low

...said Georgia will have to begin shutting down those programs by spring if Congress doesn't enact a multi-year transportation bill before then. And the longer Congress delays writing a new transportation law, he said, the more difficult it...
Seat belts on commercial buses still stymied 45 years after recommendations

...belts. Last year, when that still hadn't happened, Congress wrapped bus safety improvements into a larger transportation bill, which was signed into law. Regulations requiring seat belts on new buses were due in September, but are still...
Transportation bill concerns some rural legislators

ATLANTA -- With the governor's transportation plan set to be debated publicly for the first time today, some rural legislators are signaling that the bill may have a rocky road ahead. "It has a little bit of concern from some of the rural legislators," Sen. Van Streat, D-Nicholls, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, said Monday. In an effort to clean up Atlanta's air pollution and traffic congestion, Gov. Roy Barnes has proposed creating a powerful, 15-member board that would set transportation policy for Atlanta and the 13-county metro area.
Transportation bill negotiators urge against extension

WASHINGTON -- Saying they need the pressure to reach an agreement, lawmakers working on the big highway bill urged their leaders not to extend the current law when it expires May 1. "If we don't have an extension, states will rightfully be hammering us to get the thing done," Sen. John Chafee, R-R.I., chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said Tuesday.