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Texas tragedy stirs interest in chemical plant safety

...totaling 5.56 million pounds.Such studies help emergency officials devise realistic strategies to deal with transportation accidents.Morris News Service reporter Walter Jones contributed to this article.
Three-day exercise in Columbia County to focus on transportation accidents

Emergency responders will converge on Columbia County this week for a series of programs designed to improve responses to transportation disasters involving hazardous materials.
No testing done for drug residue

...wastewater discharged into the canal by Columbia County upstream from Augusta's raw water pumping station; transportation accidents on Interstate 20 that could affect the canal; and leaks from septic tanks and old storage tank sites. Even...
Area often sees hazardous cargo a chemical manufacturing hub also makes it an area of concern for safeguarding hazardous materials against transportation accidents. "It's fairly easy to track rail shipments, but there are lots of trucks that go through here without us...
School official offers bus plan

...Johnson are seeking answers of their own. They have hired a California law firm that specializes in litigating transportation accidents to help them learn more about what happened. "There has been some misinformation that we want to get cleared...
Compensation woes boost safety

...4. Fall to lower level: 5.4 5. Exposure to harmful substances: 4.6 6. Repetitive motion: 4.1 7. Transportation accidents: 4.0 8. Slips, trips: 3.1 9. Assaults/violent acts by others: 1.2 10. Fires/explosions: 0...
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Panel studies flow of hazardous loads will help pinpoint areas more prone to transportation accidents. Safeguards within factories that store or...unpredictable factors sometimes contribute to transportation accidents, he said. "I think we're more vulnerable...
Group donates $9,000

...responded to 68,000 disasters including hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, hazardous-materials spills and transportation accidents. This year, the Red Cross helped in the aftermath of the spring tornadoes that ripped through the Merriwether...
EPA officials retract report

...the school site. -- In addition to chemicals stored at the three plants in the area, other risks exist from transportation accidents at six major highways and railroads near the site. -- The school lies beneath the east-west glide path for...
Radioactive exercise aids firefighters

...Site Fire Department. "The Department of Energy decided to have a single training program for all radioactive transportation accidents. It could be for government vehicles or commercial package deliveries." Reach Quandra F. Collins at 868-1222...
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