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More wells tested for toxic chemicals expand after state health officials found more toxic chemicals in drinking water. Tests by the state Department...been found tainted with trichloroethylene or other toxic chemicals, but no one knows yet how long the pollution has...
Toxic chemicals climb food chain

...Oceans, joined a group of experts to discuss how toxic chemicals are working their way up the food chain. The mystery...toxic loads from atmospheric deposits of PCBs. "Toxic chemicals," Ross said, "are globally distributed through...
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Public to hear more about toxic chemicals under EPA plan

...with more information about a worrisome category of toxic chemicals that pose long-term health concerns, including...mercury or many of the other persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals unless they process more than 25,000 pounds annually...
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Toxic chemicals found in whales

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Traces of toxic chemicals found in the bodies of whales indicate that manmade pollution is spilling deep into the Atlantic, a Dutch scientist said today...
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Study: Toxic chemicals in diesel exhausts pose cancer risk

WASHINGTON -- Toxic chemicals in diesel exhausts from trucks and buses are responsible for at least 125,000 cancers over a lifetime, according to a study...
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Take opportunity to help preserve our precious landscapes

...streams provide food and habitat for local wildlife. Their tree canopies sequester carbon and cleanse our air of toxic chemicals, and their understories are home to endangered plants and animals rarely seen outside our little corner of the world...
Scientist questions report ranking Savannah River third most toxic in America

...nation for the highest amount of toxic chemicals dumped into its waters, according...more than 5 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the Savannah River. The...more than 4 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the middle Savannah River...
Toxic chemical control treaty resumes

...GENEVA -- Measures to control 12 toxic chemicals known as "the dirty dozen...dioxin and PCBs, are highly toxic chemicals that break down extremely slowly...alternatives. Criteria for adding other toxic chemicals also are envisaged.
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EPA finds less hazardous chemical waste

...poured 2.2 billion pounds of toxic chemicals, including many that cause cancer...sectors - understates the amount of toxic chemicals actually released into the environment...injection wells to dispose of their toxic chemicals. Releases into such wells jumped...
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Coal count alters toxic site report

...its distinction this year as the largest emitter of toxic chemicals among Georgia's 159 counties, according to the...which is an annual report detailing all releases of toxic chemicals to air, water or land. "Because of the addition...
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