Apple makes iPhones more compatible with vehicles

...voice-control system called "Sync" made by Microsoft Corp. in some of its cars. Ford also offers its own touch-screen technology in its vehicles.The different choices are designed to ensure "you don't have to make a $30,000 decision...

Apps help calm children, teach brains

...helping the health care system and the university talk to the younger generation that is more comfortable with touch-screen technology, which Mastromonico said he sees in his children."Even the 4-year-old, I'm amazed at how he really...

IPhone raises touch-screen bar

...site. With Apple's marketing machinery, the iPhone is poised to become the poster child for the new breed of touch-screen technology, which relies on changes in electrical currents instead of pressure points. But the iPhone will have rivals...

Mini-reviews of video games available for Nintendo DS

...hidden on the castle grounds. Or you can choose from a bunch of fun mini-games that take full advantage of the touch-screen technology - my favorite being where you try to keep three bouncing Marios in the air by touching each one, while letting...

Life & style
State officials sample electronic voting systems

...salesmen, hawking a dizzying array of technology to take the angst out of voting and tabulating. They're talking touch-screen technology, "tactile input switches" and ballot imaging. Then there's Dan Gloger. "The most accurate voting system...

Apple unveils phone, makes name change

...Hearts Club Band, as the album's psychedelic album art graced a wide-screen monitor. IPhone uses a patented touch-screen technology Apple is calling "multi-touch." "We're going to use a pointing device that we're all born with...

Davis should resign

...urging that the recall be postponed until California's flawed, Florida-like paper ballots can be replaced by touch-screen technology. That would take months - and add multi-millions more to an election that's estimated to cost $70 million...

Techies seek 'gadget nirvana' in Las Vegas

...displays" such as the ViewSonic airpanel and Philips iPronto. Both are the first of a slew of such products using touch-screen technology Microsoft announced at last year's CES, under the name Mira. Instead of tethering computer users to a desk...

XXX Technology
New judging system as flawed as old one

...The ISU is quick to point out that this is only the first step in judging reform. A points system using touch-screen technology is being developed, but it's a work in progress. In the meantime, this is the best skating could come up...

Other sports
Robot pharmacist reduces errors

...Shands Jacksonville uses a different type of automated drug dispenser: Pharmacy 2000, which employs ATM-like touch screen technology to fill an outpatient's orders. The use of bar codes on drug packages was one way FDA officials recommended...