Georgia's Hutson Mason putting up modest numbers

...each other, I think our timing is OK, it's just a matter of executing in the game. If it's me cutting my route too short or him getting the ball out late, we might make mistakes here and there."Mason has shown his share of being pinpoint...

Kirby: A slide rule numbers ninja is a thing of the past

...SCHOOL: Arm.NEW SCHOOL: Book bag or backpack. OLD SCHOOL: Sent home because your hair was too long or your skirt too short.NEW SCHOOL: Sent home because your T-shirt is not politically correct. OLD SCHOOL: Government-surplus food that...

Michaux: Biggest win of Donnan's came in courtroom

...doing ? playing catch with the grandkids and offering sage advice to their successors. Leave the investing to professionals and let the school superintendent fight his own battles.Life's too short to worry about spending it in court.

SC senators want to change teacher appeals process

...she said.Sen. John Matthews, a retired elementary school principal, said the bill creates a shortcut that's "too short.""But I do think there's an issue in underperforming teachers and not being able to deal with it," said Matthews...

Gadget show is awash in 'wearable' devices, but questions remain

...head of business development. "Basically, this lets them operate more efficiently."The gadget's battery life is too short for all-day video streaming, but the glasses can be set to snap photos every 30 seconds instead, which extends the...

Alabama's AJ McCarron gets to visit New York just the way he wanted - as Heisman finalist

...We just fell short. Nothing you can do. You've got to move on and live life and be happy, because life's way too short to sit back and think about what you should have done and be mad about it."He's at least New York bound, along with...

David Ferrer deals Rafael Nadal rare clay-court loss at Monte Carlo Masters

...on his serve."I didn't play the right way. I didn't play with the right intensity with my forehand. I played too short," Nadal said. "I give him the chance to have the control of the point almost all the time."A day after becoming...

Sportswriter Dan Jenkins talks new book

...tightened it. I wanted it to be about 300 pages. They held it down to about 255. At the end I thought, "Hell, this is too short." I left out a lot of good stuff and already written another book. It's strictly golf. Half is stuff that's original...

Prepare gardens to enjoy beauty of hummingbirds

...The hummingbird's long beak can reach through the hole in the guard to the fluid. The tongue of bees and wasps is too short to feed from a guarded feeder.Keep ants off the feeders by wrapping duct tape around the wire with the sticky side out...

Let's grasp the real issues

...have to deal with over-sexualized teens who often have much of their upper torso overexposed and wear their skirts far too short while boys wear their pants under their behinds! I know that parents are not actively teaching this lifestyle to their...