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THE FACTS:Jessica Brown, 15, a freshman at Evans High School. THE CLOTHES: Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt ($52) and L.E.I. flares ($35), both from Macy's; Nike running shoes ($60) from Nike outlet. FASHION STATEMENT...
Xtreme | Evans High School
Xtreme style

...High School. THE CLOTHES: Canyon River Blues shirt ($17.99) and zipper pants ($24.99) from Sears; Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt ($4) and bucket hat ($11) from Hair Maxx; and Nike cross-training sneakers ($59.98) from Sports...
Xtreme | Lucy C. Laney High School
Pupils get lesson on country life

...livestock and the experience of planting their own seeds in the rich topsoil. Clad in Gap sweats, Nike Swooshes and Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts, they kneeled in the dirt, rubbed lime between their fingers and petted cows and llamas. "We own a peanut...
Network revives game show kitsch "You get to go out there and make people happy." Julie Palmer, a petite Meg Ryan look-alike, wore a Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. "Two years ago I had a dream I was on 'The Price is Right' and Bob Barker and I ran...
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