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THE FACTS:Jessica Brown, 15, a freshman at Evans High School. THE CLOTHES: Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt ($52) and L.E.I. flares ($35), both from Macy's; Nike running shoes ($60) from Nike outlet. FASHION STATEMENT...
Xtreme | Evans High School
Xtreme style

...High School. THE CLOTHES: Canyon River Blues shirt ($17.99) and zipper pants ($24.99) from Sears; Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt ($4) and bucket hat ($11) from Hair Maxx; and Nike cross-training sneakers ($59.98) from Sports...
Xtreme | Lucy C. Laney High School
Network revives game show kitsch "You get to go out there and make people happy." Julie Palmer, a petite Meg Ryan look-alike, wore a Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. "Two years ago I had a dream I was on 'The Price is Right' and Bob Barker and I ran...
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