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Clock ruling dampened Tiger's win

...put on to accommodate TV scheduling. That is not a valid reason for the PGA rule. It cost Padraig Harrington outright second place and about $300,000 -- and then they fine Tiger for speaking his mind! Some sport! Tom Zwemer Augusta
What makes Christians so combative? Christian opinion writers want to stone everyone who doesn't believe as they do? This nation is free to every citizen and guest in matters of beliefs. Certainly the so-called liberals would have it no other way. Tom Zwemer Augusta
Would you be a Good Samaritan?

...citizens go without health insurance, these same "well-fed" people will petition their congressmen or get on the phone and run down their list of neighbors saying: "By all means, 'walk by on the other side!' " Tom Zwemer Augusta
U.S. policy needs more brains, heart

...aggression, with over-structuring, and over spending? We must settle down to intelligent vigilance, get our fiscal and monetary houses in order, then show less muscle and more brains and heart in world affairs. Tom Zwemer, Augusta
Isn't it obvious whom to vote for?

...government of the people, by the people and, most of all, for the people, and not someone who wants to enrich himself or herself at the voters' expense, or find a public haven to satisfy his or her perverted appetites? Tom Zwemer, Augusta
More to pledge than recitation

...reverence in our bonding, not our bombast. Even if the words "under God" are preserved, the fight for virtue has only begun. If the words "under God" are stricken, the fight for virtue has lost none of its weapons. Tom Zwemer, Augusta
What must new prez be?

What does one look for in a president of a merged university such as Georgia Regents University?
Weigh 'Deflategate' theory

As soon as the balls were taken to the field, the air inside the balls reduced to the temperature of the field.
Spare us 'editorial terror' in letters

Please - give us a break! It is bad enough to be subjected to the regurgitation of the Democratic Party whining by Tom Zwemer and Anne Cook one at a time, but how could you be so insensitive - remember, their newest hero, John Kerry, has called...
Dentist left mark on MCG

...dentists practicing in Georgia. Dr. Hickey "was known as an honorable, capable friend and professional," said Dr. Tom Zwemer, formerly the vice president of academic affairs at MCG. "He won the hearts of anyone he met." On Sunday, the man...
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