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What must new prez be?

What does one look for in a president of a merged university such as Georgia Regents University?
Weigh 'Deflategate' theory

As soon as the balls were taken to the field, the air inside the balls reduced to the temperature of the field.
Ego, tyranny poisonous

With a rich history and a promising future, why spoil the present with an ego that must be fed?
Using Maher to smear liberals is unfair

To smear by label all those with a liberal mind-set with the vulgarity of Bill Maher, et al., is not editorializing. It is rabble-rousing.
Collegial leadership vital

The one who achieves the mastery of collegial leadership will be highly prized and respected.
Candidates should address these issues

Men and women of considerable ego and substance are seriously considering a run for the presidency.
Schools need transformational leaders

A transformational leader would possess a degree of charisma and a cause worth the bonding.
Guard from want and fear

The answer also is obvious: education, training, discipline, safety measures and supervision in the home 24/7!
'Design' is not all that intelligent

Tom Zwemer's Intelligent Design letter of Feb. 20 ("How can you reject Intelligent Design?") makes the common uneducated assumption...
How can you reject Intelligent Design?

...dragonfly he created out of organic soup, I'll stick with Intelligent Design and an intelligent designer. My faith is built upon better evidence than a king-sized, fossilized soup bone -- or even DNA look-alikes. Tom Zwemer Augusta