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Smart tags moving rapidly - too rapidly for some

...with the bar code and them really pushing it, you find these have really taken costs out of the supply chain," said Tom Roberts, a vice president at webMethods, a Fairfax, Va., business advising clients such as Black & Decker on Wal-Mart...
Experts: Terrorists to wait for revenge

...response to last Thursday's military strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan, but the retaliation won't be immediate, said Tom Roberts, a retired colonel and security consultant from Martinez. Terrorists will wait until security measures at U.S...
Voters! Wake up!

...COUNTY: For voters just focusing on whether to approve a new jail/courthouse proposition, we commend to readers Tom Roberts' excellent analysis on Page 5A. As for the District 2 Columbia County GOP primary, we endorse late-charging businessman...
Opinion columns
Local and area briefs

...and Fourth Vice Chairman Steve Shelt. The district chairmen are as follows: District 1, Carl Mixon; District 2, Tom Roberts; District 3, Richard Hogue; District 4, Robert Blandenberg; and District 5, Dick Manion. Barbara Beazley was...
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Costs keep mounting for Jeburk escape

...employee may not be arrested for a couple of weeks, however, as investigators wait for evidence to be processed. Col. Tom Roberts, a Martinez security consultant who has been working with the sheriff's office since early last week, said he advised...
Sabates, Hendrick lucky to be alive

...leaving the country. Those kinds of decisions also spawned memories of another decision made by longtime publicist Tom Roberts in 1993. He was with Alan Kulwicki during an appearance in Knoxville, Ky., and was supposed to fly 90 miles with...
Washington undercuts safe meats

...recommendation for anyone who enjoys a hamburger or a handful of chicken McNuggets is to contact their political representative today. The way your food is inspected is under legislated attack at this moment in Washington. Tom Roberts, North Augusta
Says irradiation only additional tool

...irradiation technology to "sterilize" any missed contamination may become the attitude. While this cooked product wouldn't probably cause any illness, the public certainly does not want this in their hamburger. Tom Roberts, North Augusta
Business people on the move

...Center, received an Excellence Award, which recognized exceptional performance in the hair restoration industry. Tom Roberts, CPP, CFE, of J.T. Roberts Associates, security management consultants, has been appointed to the Professional...
XXX Bizarre
Who still loves the who

...House district manager, sneaks into the basement to listen to the Who, out of range of his wife's ears. Likewise, Tom Roberts, 44, of North Augusta waits until his family isn't around to crank up Quadrophenia and the benchmark live recording...
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