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US companies look more to overseas combinations for tax relief back home

A growing number of U.S. companies are looking to trim their tax bills by combining operations with foreign businesses,a trend that may cost the government billions in revenue.
Asheville catcher Tom Murphy makes organization look good

...choice of selecting a catcher in the third round of the 2012 draft. The move has paid off so far.The Rockies drafted Tom Murphy, out of Buffalo, becoming the fifth catcher selected that high by the Rockies since the team began in 1992.Entering...
Tom Murphy hospitalized after apparent stroke

ATLANTA -- Former House Speaker Tom Murphy, 79, has suffered an apparent stroke and was in serious condition in an Atlanta hospital. Murphy, one of the state's most...
Daily Prospect Report: March 6

...2B, RBI. Parker needs his power at full potential to max his value. The only other noticeable tool is a solid arm. Tom Murphy, Rockies: 1-3, 2B, RBI, BB. Murphy has solid power potential from a good frame, and a good defensive profile...
Deadline for health care insurance enrollment is coming

Uninsured Americans face an important deadline at the end of this month, and many don't realize it.
Murphy continues his attack on GOP

...BREMEN, Ga. - Georgia House Speaker Tom Murphy says he expects Republicans to come...election's over and we gained seats and Tom Murphy doesn't like it," said House...A glance at state House Speaker Tom Murphy: Born: March 10, 1924 Hometown...
Democrats still work to recover after turnover

...At the height of his power, former House Speaker Tom Murphy, who died last week at age 83, was the epitome of the...AFFECTED GEORGIA DEMOCRATS? Former Speaker of the House Tom Murphy remained in power for nearly three decades, his tenure...
Master of the House

...or perhaps loved it more, than Tom Murphy, who died Monday night at age mistake -- the buck stopped at Tom Murphy. He helped preside over an important...particularly in the Atlanta area. Tom Murphy did much to write Georgia history...
Speaker honored for work

...economic growth and compassion, Augusta Democrats honored Tom Murphy at a fund raiser Tuesday. The $25-per-plate dinner...many men with the type of intellectual courage he has. Tom Murphy is an unusual specimen, and I admire him for it...
State service honors ex-speaker

...the House of Representatives with a special service for Tom Murphy, who died Monday at 83. Current and former members...for opposing a piece of legislation. "The essence of Tom Murphy is he had a sharp mind, a quick temper, and a big heart...