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Whitfield prepares to step back in to the ring

...cuts that were part of a massive restructuring of the Augusta-Richmond County government. Longtime club director Tom Moraetes saw his job eliminated, and the original plan was to move the club from its Walton Way location to May Park.Enter...
Justin DeLoach exceeds expectations as pro boxer

...DeLoach remains with trainer Ronnie Shields and strength coach Danny Arnold. Former Augusta Boxing Club director Tom Moraetes reached out to Shields prior to this year to give DeLoach a chance. After a tryout at Shields' sprawling Houston gym...
Augusta boxer Justin DeLoach has new trainer, will turn pro

With former Augusta Boxing Club director Tom Moraetes and new trainer Ronnie Shields by his side, Augusta's Justin DeLoach announced his intention to become a professional boxer...
Downsizing plans to be reviewed

...during last week's snowstorm, said he'd be sure to attend today's meeting, as did Augusta Boxing Club Director Tom Moraetes, who learned Thursday his program was targeted by the downsizing."I just think we deserve better," Moraetes said...
Club helps keep kids out of trouble

...children like the Augusta Boxing Club. You wonder why kids get in so much trouble -- and when someone like club director Tom Moraetes tries to help the children, the city of Augusta wants to tear it down.Some of these children don't have anything...
Augusta Boxing Club should remain just as it is

...teaching children determination and respect that they can carry with them the rest of their lives.It is my hope that the Tom Moraetes chooses to spurn the city leaders and find his own sponsors.Lauren HixonMartinez
Reorganization effective today

...two of seven employees notified a month ago that their jobs were ending remain employed.Augusta Boxing Club Director Tom Moraetes is among two to retire as the city ends its support for the club, Beck said. Moraetes has said the club is seeking...
Laney senior awarded 1st Vernon Forrest scholarship

...outfit Booker from "head to toe" with new headgear, gloves, shoes and other equipment, Augusta Boxing Club director Tom Moraetes said. Several members of Forrest's family, including his mother, Mildred, and brothers Alphonso and Levert, were...
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Whitfield lands new promoter

...looking for a new promoter and landed with Cameron Duncan of TKO. He trained in Augusta for two months under the eye of Tom Moraetes before heading to Houston for some light sparring and "fine-tuning." He didn't know his opponent last month...
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Gunman kills boxing champion

...e-mail to The Associated Press. He was the victim of an attempted robbery, and Sgt. Keyes said there are no suspects. Tom Moraetes, the director of the Augusta Boxing Club where Mr. Forrest grew to prominence as an amateur, said he was "deeply...