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Bush tough act to follow

...doing well ? don't change a thing.A comment about the letter "AP is in fantasy world" (Nov. 17) sent in by Tom Hunter: The Associated Press is a service, selling its product (articles in this case) to newspapers around the country...
AP is in fantasy world

Fantasy in a 5-year-old is harmless, but when it's a part of the leading media force in the country, just look where we are.
AP spins own reality to favor Obama

...was going to pay for the loans the low-income customers couldn't afford. A truthful national media would have helped. But with no pressure to improve, how is the national media going to change? Hello, socialism! Tom Hunter Augusta
Slanted puffery continues

Print media need to free themselves from this virtual information monopoly that controls the populace.
'King' gave royal treatment

Reading Scott Michaux's column rekindles my memories of the one they call the King.
He's 'natural born'

This letter addresses an issue in a letter written by Tom Hunter of Augusta ("AP is covering for Obama," March 28). He states that President Obama is ineligible to be the president based...
'Applause' story touching

Encore, indeed.
AP is covering for Obama

If Obama was born in Kenya, he can't legally be president of the United States. He can if the national media doesn't report it.
AP is covering for Obama

As I read the May 1 locally written editorial "A falling interest rate" ? about new revelations in the 2012 Benghazi attack ? I see a ray of hope that the national media will be exposed and be seen as the liberal/socialist propaganda machine that it is. I hope the 1,500 U.S. newspapers that use AP will wake up and quit distributing this democracy-destroying data sold as "news."Then I read numerous Associated Press "news" stories, and I know it's not going to happen. If newspapers don't know by now, they'll never realize their part in the downfall of democracy.
Liberal media defend Dems

Doesn't journalism have some important work to do over the next few years in the run-up to the elections? Like, saving Democracy?