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UConn women rout Maryland, return to title game a freshman at UConn.The former athletes weren't the only stars at the game. Three-time Academy Award nominee Tom Cruise was sitting in a suite, though it wasn't clear who he was rooting for.
Tom Cruise turns deadly as merciless hitman in 'Collateral'

LOS ANGELES -- It had to happen. Tom Cruise has fallen out of Hollywood's good graces and...but nothing, nothing official." Highlights of Tom Cruise's film career Tom Cruise has spent half his life as a Hollywood star, building...
Tom Cruise tops Forbes' annual Celebrity 100 list

LOS ANGELES - Never mind the couch-jumping and the depression-dismissing. Tom Cruise is the world's No. 1 star, according to Forbes' annual "Celebrity 100 Power List," which ranks famous folks based on earnings...
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Tom Cruise proposes to Katie Holmes at Eiffel Tower

PARIS - Tom Cruise popped the question to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower early Friday and then announced the news to the world - they're getting...
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Tom Cruise lends Hollywood hype to Scientology

...but the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centers have been unusually adept at cultivating entertainers such as actor Tom Cruise. It was no ordinary celebrity feud when Cruise criticized Brooke Shields for taking anti-depression drugs, then berated...
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Tom Cruise touts Katie, on 'Today' show interview

NEW YORK - Let the cynics talk. Tom Cruise is in love - and he just can't restrain himself. "You know what? There's always cynics. There always has been. There always...
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Tom Cruise says he is ready to fall in love again

LONDON -- Despite some disappointments, Tom Cruise isn't giving up on love and marriage. "I will never be down with love. Ever. I'm the guy who loves relationships. I love...
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Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz end three-year relationship

LOS ANGELES -- Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz have ended their three-year relationship. The couple, who spent long periods apart while filming, "broke...
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Lauren Bacall criticizes 'vulgar' Tom Cruise

...YORK - Lauren Bacall has a few unkind words to say about Tom Cruise. In an interview in the Aug. 8 issue of Time about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise." "His whole behavior is so shocking," she says...
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Nicole Kidman on Tom Cruise: 'I still love him'

NEW YORK - Nicole Kidman says her divorce from Tom Cruise was a "major shock" - and, she still loves him. "That was a major shock," the 38-year-old actress says in an interview...
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