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Learning from Lou: Insights from our neighbor Lou Brissie

...note. FOR THOSE interested in the Lou Brissie story, The Corporal Was a Pitcher, by Ira Berkow (with a forward by Tom Brokaw), is recommended. Baseball fans, history lovers and anyone looking for a positive role model will find this book fascinating...
Carl Langley told great stories

Storytelling ... that's what journalism is all about. -- Tom Brokaw At the heart of any good newspaper reporter is a storyteller, and former staff writer Carl Langley, who passed away over the...
Metro | Bill Kirby | Bill Kirby
Blame America first?

...banish the term ? that they will do too little to protect us.Meanwhile, liberals such as former NBC news anchorman Tom Brokaw even seem to blame America for the Boston bombing, noting our use of drones and America's overall "presumptuousness...
Pearson finally joins NASCAR Hall of Fame

...for a while. I am truly honored to be among this class."Monday night's ceremony drew major star power: Former President George H.W. Bush narrated the video to introduce Lee Petty, while newscaster Tom Brokaw narrated Moore's.
Erring ranter deserves a response

...Also, for the caller's information, between the years of 1942 and 1949 I served in the Army, during World War II (Tom Brokaw called us "the Greatest Generation"), which may very well give that caller the right to say whatever stupid ideas...
Stuff 2 Do

...Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama face each other for a second debate at 9 tonight, this time with NBC's Tom Brokaw as moderator. WEDNESDAY WALK IT OUT: It's national Walk to School Day. FRIDAY HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: This week's...
Military analyst has seen the good, bad and ugly of broadcasting

...of the three major networks, as well as one from the Public Broadcasting System. - Brian Williams. Having replaced Tom Brokaw as the anchorman for The NBC Evening News, he is impressive in many ways. Clearly he is very patriotic. He serves...
Renovated museum tells stories of soldiers

...military honor. At the museum, visitors enter a hall to a multimedia exhibit on the meaning of freedom narrated by Tom Brokaw. Then they can see the medal itself and learn some of its history before entering the Tunnel of Combat. As visitors...
How we are honoring our heroes

...mark. Medal of Honor is now in an expanded second edition, which includes an inspirational 90-minute DVD narrated by Tom Brokaw. Thanks to the generosity of patriotic individuals and corporations, the book has been placed in the school libraries...
Teaching values in schools

...of my favorite articles in Medal of Honor, including the two introductory articles by U.S. Sen. John McCain and Tom Brokaw, as well as the one-page profiles of Medal of Honor recipients Daniel Inouye, a Japanese-American who later became...
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