Former recreation director Tom Beck suing city

Former Augusta Recreation, Parks and Facilities Director Tom Beck is suing the city under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, claiming that commissioners fired him last spring for protecting...

Augusta Commission fires longtime recreation director Tom Beck

Although Tom Beck said he was only following a long-standing policy of recording certain employees' compensatory time as time worked, the Augusta...

Recreation director suspended

Augusta Recreation Director Tom Beck was placed on leave without pay for 10 days Wednesday because of...director, a title he held 17 years. Augusta Recreation Director Tom Beck was suspended for 10 days without pay and put on probation.

Jobs filled with unqualified applicants, city inquiry finds

Some Augusta commissioners investigating Director Tom Beck's management of the city's Recreation Department say...They're using the excuse they do not have the employees. And Tom Beck has been able to do what he wants to do for a long time...

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Contract issues spark tantrums

...city commissioners were going to fire Recreation Director Tom Beck and maybe even City Administrator Fred Russell after Commissioner...enough of the committee, anyway. "If they want to fire Tom Beck for violating the rules, we need to fire Marion Williams...

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Recreation staff voice complaints

...discrimination and retaliation by recreation department Director Tom Beck continued Tuesday with testimony from three employees...recreation employees will bring their complaints about Tom Beck's management to commissioners.

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Event brings tourists, supports boxing

...acknowledge the outstanding job that was accomplished by the Augusta Recreational Department and Boxing Club, especially Tom Beck and Tom Moraetes, in the execution of the Ringside Augusta Summer Boxing Classic. I know that Mr. Beck has helped to...

Great job in making gardens public

...in local control, and on Recreation Department Director Tom Beck's and his staff's efforts to get the gardens groomed...around them with grace and ease. Once the deal was done, Tom Beck and his recreation department staff came in with limited...

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Jackson becomes Fred Russell fan, slams mayoral field

...for Richmond County than anybody realized, " Smith said.He likened Russell's firing to that of Recreation Di rector Tom Beck in 2012 over a trumped-up accusation of time-card fraud."He worked 37 years, and they drum up some little charge...

Interviews begin Tuesday for Augusta recreation director

...administrator will start interviews Tuesday with candidates to replace fired Recreation, Parks and Facilities Director Tom Beck.The four finalists include the department's planning and development manager and recreation managers from Tennessee...