Judge rules editorial did not libel

...Augusta Chronicle did not libel political candidate Tom Anderson, a circuit judge ruled Tuesday. Mr. Anderson sued...the best statement possible," he said. "He said Tom Anderson is not a liar. That's what we meant to prove, and...

Editorial examined in court

...claims-adjusting firm dropped plans for Clearwater adjustor Tom Anderson to expand its business into Georgia after seeing him...Mr. Harte told the jury "The Augusta Chronicle owes Tom Anderson his name back, and they owe him a lot of money...

Criticize report on S.C. candidate

...South Carolina House of Representatives candidate Tom Anderson, as being in the National Guard. You used this reporting...handling claims for the National Flood Insurance Program. Tom Anderson has told people he worked for the National Flood Insurance...

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Jury will hear claims against 'Chronicle'

...writer for The Augusta Chronicle libeled a 1997 political candidate, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled Monday. Tom Anderson filed suit against The Chronicle in 1998, alleging an editorial about him entitled "Let the Liar Run" was libelous...

MySpace borrowed from others

...of friends of friends. Suddenly meeting people online didn't require chance encounters among complete strangers. Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe were among the people getting requests from family, friends and acquaintances to join their Friendster...

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Verdict favoring paper is reversed

...the case back to a lower court. The action stemmed from a 1999 suit filed by former Democratic state House candidate Tom Anderson. Mr. Anderson, who ran for House District 84 in 1996 and again in 1997, said that a Chronicle reporter erroneously...

Across South Carolina

...and counties that ban smoking in public places such as restaurants and bars if a new proposal is approved. Councilman Tom Anderson, whose family suffers respiratory problems, said he would support the measure. Smoking bans have been discussed statewide...

MySpace outage blamed on L.A. power loss

...the Los Angeles area, the company said Monday. In a message to MySpace users, company co-founder and President Tom Anderson said MySpace "has been screwy" since Saturday because of failures in both the main power supply and the backup generators...

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