Black Friday crowds lighter at many local stores

...four-day Thanksgiving weekend. About 45 million consumers shopped on Thanksgiving, while another 92 million headed out to stores on Black Friday.Because Thanksgiving shopping is still somewhat of a new phenomenon, Georgia Southern University Associate...

Thanksgiving trumps Black Friday for deals

...according to Deloitte Research's recent survey of shoppers, about two-thirds say they're not motivated to go out to stores Thanksgiving because it's important to be with family and friends."Shoppers could be disappointed and find that the...

Hundreds of kids poisoned by detergent pods, study says

...released last week suggests many consumers still don't know about the risks.The Consumer Product Safety Commission says children should not be allowed to handle the packets and advises parents to store them out of children's sight and reach.

After snowjam, is Atlanta ready for winter?

...continue to keep improving and not let our guard down."Officials said the state has more than doubled its capacity to store salt, established a tracking system to monitor its vehicles, and bought dozens of new trucks and other equipment. The...

Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree requests to use gun auction funds for new guns, body cameras

...that money back into firearms for his deputies.A year ago, the sheriff's office announced it had run out of space to store abandoned firearms and would auction off its stock in accordance with Georgia law.The law, signed by Gov. Nathan Deal...

Fla.'s 'Gray Belt' a glimpse at nation's future

...might be disconnected from family up north. Lawyers and accountants make house calls. Elderly residents get ferried to stores by a fleet of minivans.Welcome to Citrus County, Florida, where more than a third of residents are senior citizens...

Review site Yelp battles extortion claims

...a lawyer serving as a small-claims judge in San Diego likened Yelp to a "modern-day version of the Mafia going to stores and saying, 'You want to not be bothered? You want to not have incidents in your store? Pay us protection money...

Mullis: Webworms cause cosmetic issues more than damage to trees

...from the webworms, even if you do nothing. Because they are abundant in late summer and fall, the trees have had time to store food. They just look unsightly. Don't worry; when the webworms leave the web to pupate in the ground, they are not...

SRS officials detail future nuclear waste storage plans

...energy.Because the site's L-Basin will be required to store spent nuclear fuel longer than previous projections, detailed...site workers discussed the need for additional space to store processed waste because of a delay opening a permanent...

Parking meters are only the start of revenue possibilities for downtown Augusta

...pay for parking," he said. "So why have meters when there won't be any cars to meter because they'll be going to stores where you don't have to pay to park?"Commissioner Bill Fennoy is concerned about Wood ard's suggestion that people...