The Way We Were: Brooks Keel

...9-year-olds not only visited the Netherlands, they also learned to plant tulips 'the Dutch way.'"The story went on to describe...they knew of her native country. She also showed them how to plant tulips in front of the school.A young Brooks Keel is...

Wine Time: Priest Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and Coachgun 2009, Napa Valley

...sustainable farming, but then they don't offer health insurance. Our people come first."Becker said they would like to plant more vineyards on the property, but it is difficult and expensive. So Priest Ranch and Somerston are likely to concentrate...

Concrete dome built at Plant Vogtle to shield backup power equipment for emergency

...Power said.Since the Fukushima event, Ledford said two regional staging areas for emergency equipment have been created in the U.S. Equipment stored in a Memphis, Tenn., facility could be flown to Plant Vogtle if needed, he said.

Gary Ivey

...service from DSM-Austin Industries in Augusta, GA, a career which took him from corporate offices in New York City to plants in Argentina. An avid golfer, Mr. Ivey was a member of the former Highland Park Golf Club and a founding member in...

Sid Mullis: Indian hawthorn popular in commercial, home landscapes

...helpful to make 3-4 applications from mid-October to late November if wet weather prevails.The best control of all is to plant Indian hawthorn varieties that are more resistant to leaf spot such as: Georgia Petite, Eleanor Tabor, Clara, Blueberry...

Steam generator latest large delivery to Plant Vogtle nuclear construction site

The arrival of a steam generator weighing 1.3 million pounds for the expansion of Plant Vogtle is the latest of recent large deliveries to the nuclear reactor construction site.

Georgia denies pipeline plan

...his family's timber farm would be taken "completely out of production" by the pipeline because he wouldn't be able to plant trees or run heavy equipment over the 50-foot easement.He said that although public roads and highways through private...

Last pipeline hearing draws crowd

...Davis owns timber land in Effingham County that would be disturbed by the proposed route. He said he would not be able to plant trees or run equipment over the easement if the pipeline is approved.He said while public roads and government projects...

Wine Time: Montes Alpha Syrah 2012, Chile

...rustic, yet elegant, wine.The grapes all come from prime vineyards in the Colchagua Valley. Montes was the first to plant syrah grapes there, a gamble that paid off, though the yield is low.The wine is 90 percent syrah, with seven percent...

'Fat' leaves on azaleas is sign of leaf gall infection that peaks in May

...plant and finally invade leaf buds. The actual damage to plants is not nearly as important as it appears to be.Like...scales, mealybugs and whiteflies. Ants are attracted to plants infested with these pests.To ensure an ample supply...