Insulting U.S. intelligence

...A motive behind the searing document appears to be to allow the Democrat-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee to plant a parting below-the-belt punch on the GOP before they relinquish control of the committee ? and the Senate ? in January...

Sid Mullis: Temperatures still too high to plant winter pansies

We are close to reaching the point during fall in the Augusta area for the ideal time to plant pansies in the landscape. They are always for sale beginning in early September but it is just too hot for them until the middle...

Against our will

...on the prize: More than 11 million grateful government dependents and Democrat voters-for-life.Obama's attempts to plant the seeds of reverence have already begun in the tens of thousands of undocumented children who surged across the southern...

Camellias need a little care but give a lot back with bountiful blooms

...of root rot diseases, which can be avoided by providing a good root environment. When planting camellias, take care to plant shallow; deep planting will result in poor growth or death of the plant.Camellias prefer the soil to remain moist...

Reactor vessel awaits second try to get to Plant Vogtle

Federal regulators say a failed effort to move a 300-ton reactor vessel from Savan nah, Ga., to Plant Vogtle was a minor incident spawned by a simple safety concern that will not affect the component's delivery to the site...

Mullis: Sprinkler systems shouldn't be on this time of year

...done at any extension office.It is certainly too late to plant any kind of warm season grass seed. The soil temperature...season grasses such as ryegrass or fescue.Is it too late to plant grass sod? I would wait until next year. If you had to...

Cyclamen kin are dainty but hardy

...what you do.You may wonder why, if I'm growing hardy cyclamens, they are in flowerpots rather than in the ground with other hardy plants. The reason is that I have not yet decided just where to plant out these delicate looking beauties.

Electric vehicle owners in Augusta won't depend on charging stations outside of home

...said. "Now, I don't feel like driving any other car at all."On Mark Verbeck's 82-mile round-trip commute to Plant Vogtle, he nearly drains the battery of his Nissan Leaf, which he purchased a year ago. He charges overnight and during...

Flowers tell you when to plant

...making you think you waited too long to plant, and cool days making you think you...therefore, are good barometers of what to plant. For example, although apple trees...weather finally has warmed enough to plant snap beans. Forsythia blooms are...

Start looking at what you want to plant in fall garden

...it becomes time to think about what to plant for fall. There are several hardy...wait until Oct. 1 at the earliest to plant. After Oct. 15 is ideal. It is simply too hot to plant pansies in September. - Poppy. Eschsholzia...