These fall-planted bulbs pay off later in flavor

...takes months to mature. Depending on location, any time after the first frost or deep into November is the best time to plant.Temperatures are critical, said Stephen Ward, a horticulturist with Penn State University Extension."It has to...

Police arrest Augusta man after finding marijuana plant

...planted the plant. When police asked if he planted it to sell or for personal use, Lee stated he "planted them just to plant them." He further stated he thought the plant was close to dying and had stopped paying attention to it.Lee was booked...

Getting the most out of fall-planted bulbs

...spring-blooming bulbs at the right time of year."You need to plant bulbs in cool ground ? 55 degrees or lower," said Tim...dry and well-ventilated while waiting for the best time to plant."Anywhere from 50 to 70 degrees is perfect," Schipper...

Holidays clean, easy and cheap after kids leave home

...smelly pile of pumpkin goop.I no longer have to collect the seeds and put them some place to dry with a grand intention to plant them for a future harvest.No, these days my Halloweens are clean, easy and cheap, leaving more in my budget to buy...

Pied-piper rhetoric

...enterprise, not to mention any notion of self-sacrifice.And what a tragedy, for Sanders and Clinton and their ilk to plant the seeds of envy and helplessness among our young ? to inject these young souls with the sedative of collectivism...

Delectable, no-work, native persimmon has gotten a bum rap

...flavor, so the first key to enjoying American persimmons is to plant a named variety known to bear tasty fruits. The second key is to plant a variety that will ripen within your growing season...

Now's the time to plant broccoli, cauliflower

...cauliflower are two good vegetables to plant for a fall garden. Broccoli in particular has become more popular to plant because it is served in so many restaurants...through Labor Day, the most ideal time to plant is mid- to late Sep tem ber.There...

Scrap intersection plan

...Richmond County has turned out to be, for years and years now! I wish I could move, but I cannot afford it! I hope the city will not hire a consultant to let them give instructions how to plant all things the commissioners contemplate.

Fescue, ryegrass seed only a temporary lawn fix

...16-4-8 or 10 pounds of a 10-10-10.There is one downside to using perennial over annual ryegrass if you decide not to plant it again in following years. Perennial ryegrass is not a true perennial this far south, so a few patches, around 5...

Wine Time: Trinity Hill Gimblett Gravels Syrah and 'The Gimblett', 2013, New Zealand

...is similar to a northern Rhone syrah, powerful, with ripe tannins and spicy notes. Gibson believes the cuttings used to plant their vineyards came from the famed Hermitage region in the northern Rhone."Some of our neighbors called 2013 the vintage...