Augusta announces $1.5 million restoration project on Butt Bridge centennial

...city's native son, Archie Butt.A former Army major and close adviser to President William Howard Taft, Butt died on the Titanic in 1912 at the age of 48 after delivering a message from the White House to Pope Pius X. He went down with the ship after...

A bridge to our past

...Augusta hero who, while a transatlantic courier for the president, gave up his place on a lifeboat and went down with the Titanic.Tom Robertson, president of Cranston Engineering Group, which has been involved in past restoration of the bridge as well...

Centennial of iconic Archi­bald W. Butt Memorial Bridge cues renovation

...ship he booked for the trip home ? the Titanic ? hit an iceberg."It's a modern-day...in the world."After Butt died on the Titanic, giving up his lifeboat seat and helping...the next day on the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. It involved many Au gustans...

Kirby: You're only as old as you think

...elected office.In Augusta the name honors a local fellow worth honoring ? Archibald Butt, who died heroically when the Titanic sunk.Though we revere the Butt name, elsewhere in Georgia it has raised questions.In fact, a decade ago, some people...

Ramblin' Rhodes: When in Augusta, baseball great Ty Cobb also loved golf

...another famous Augustan, U.S. Army Maj. Archibald Butt, who was Taft's military aide. Butt would go down with the Titanic less than four years later while returning from Europe.Taft, who also was a baseball fan, and Cobb had met earlier in 1909...

Travel: 'Titanic' sparks cruise trips

...beneath the sea to view the wreckage of the Titanic for $30,000 per person, double occupancy...worn by actress Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic. At a casino in the dusty cotton country...Delta, a replica of the stern of the Titanic and other props used in the filming of...

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Furniture company hopes to capitalize on 'Titanic' look

...pieces of furniture from the ill-fated Titanic. When the light bulb came on, Classic...freely admits, he had no idea that "Titanic" would become the biggest blockbuster...was reading a magazine article about the Titanic, which had photos of china used to serve...

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Collectors bid for Titanic artifacts

...as "the most exceptional assemblage of Titanic material ever to be offered at auction...first-class dinner menu from one of the Titanic's last suppers - fetched $88,500...president of an Orlando, Fla.-based Titanic exhibition, paid $8,500 for a deck...

Titanic CDs: One sinks, one swims

...but a software tie-in to the movie Titanic has finally arrived (not counting Cyberflix's excellent "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time," which predated...Fox Interactive's "James Cameron's Titanic Explorer" and Panasonic's "Titanic...

XXX Technology
Titanic's musical score as durable as movie

...NEW YORK -- The movie isn't the only "Titanic" product proving unsinkable. For two months the "Titanic" orchestral soundtrack has topped the...seeing the movie over and over are holding "Titanic" listening parties with their friends...

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