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Sniping about 'Sniper'

...least generally sympathetic to the plights of the brave men and women America calls upon to fight. But in this case, some in Tinseltown have crossed the line.We don't expect much from the likes of Michael Moore, but Seth Rogen should know better than to...
What Is It?

...close."I decided then that the Hollywood clue was not a ruse, and some quick research into the early sizzling days of Tinseltown showed that 1939 was a pinnacle year with such classics as The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind released that year...
Yogatopia is where stars can go to unwind

LOS ANGELES -- Life in Tinseltown can be tough. Your agent can't cut a deal, Spielberg's still holding on line one, and if the paparazzi don't maim you...
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Polanski's most notorious role

...Allen. "Enough is enough."Oh, well. He's embarrassed. Case dismissed. Funny how the supposedly enlightened folks in Tinseltown are so cavalier about the sexual assault of young women, at least when it's done by one of them.Note to our celebrity...
ABC's new fall shows

...Hope & Faith" What: Down-to-earth Midwestern homemaker Hope welcomes her sister Faith, a soap opera washout from Tinseltown, into the household - but is it too small a house for this diva to perform in? Where: ABC, 9-9:30 p.m. Friday When...
Etta May's humor tacky

After living in Los Angeles for 12 years, Arkansan Etta May has almost adjusted to the glamour and hustle of Tinseltown, but she prefers the more laid-back South. "The garage sales here are weird -- they're by appointment only," said...
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Theater serves more than popcorn

...downtown movie theater was an institution, a place to spend Saturday afternoons, a place where escapists could dream of Tinseltown. Broad Street in Augusta was lined with movie houses: the Miller, the Imperial, the Modjeska, the Strand, the Grand...
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Hypocrites in Hollywood keep partying broadcast and promote democracy and our model political process, I ask you to look at what they are currently doing in Tinseltown. It is revolting. These same stars who pretended to raise so much money following the 9-11 attacks three years ago, only...
Tinseltown history is not always so factual

Hollywood won't let facts stand in the way of a good history. Whether it's Cecil B. DeMille playing fast and loose with the Exodus in The Ten Commandments or James Mangold's rose-colored Man in Black biopic Walk the Line, filmmakers have often twisted historical fact in the name of a more exciting film.
Steven Uhles
Oscars return to Tinseltown

HOLLYWOOD - These days, the only stars strolling along Hollywood Boulevard are the Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Superman impersonators who pose for photos with tourists.
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