Ramblin' Rhodes: Musical homecoming weekend filled with family ties

...it's no surprise that so many black artists have recorded country albums over the years, including The Supremes and Tina Turner."It's a very thin line between country and soul music. They're very close together. Very close," he said...

Music by Turner: Relive 1969 with Fogerty in concert

...of his nine compositions to make the top 10 on the singles charts. It has been covered countless times with Ike and Tina Turner's breathtaking romp of the song also reaching the top five two years later.Bayou Country also contained Born on...

Sharon Jones lays claim to Brown's performing legacy

...The Web site crystalballroompdx.com notes, "Sharon's voice, never stronger, evokes at once the raw power of Tina Turner, the moaning soulfulness of Mavis Staples, the rhythmic swagger of James Brown and the melodic command of Aretha...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Bobby Bland reminds of ties that bind music

...because country and blues music are kissing cousins.If you have never heard James Brown singing Tennessee Waltz or Tina Turner singing Stand By Your Man, you are really missing something. You can Google those easily.One of my favorite such...

Music by Turner: Class acts round out summer concerts

...confirmed Potter's status as the heiress apparent to the blueswailing stylings of KoKo Taylor, Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. What a voice! REELING IN THE BEERS DEPT. Steely Dan tours only every other year these days, which is so strange...

Augusta has been blessed musically

...it was where they first were exposed to the legendary soul music and blues artists like James Brown, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, B.B. King, Little Richard, Otis Redding and others.Other venues in the area have offered many great evenings...

American Queen is rollin' on the river

...of transportation and commerce on the river.Riverboats even turned up in late 20th century pop music, with singer Tina Turner famously belting out "Rollin' on the river" as she sang Proud Mary in tribute to a "riverboat queen."But long-distance...

Sonic Spotlight: Michael Peele

...and All That Jazz BEST CONCERT ATTENDED: Level 42 and Tina Turner, Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, 1987. "(Level 42...actually finally see them in person. And, of course, Tina Turner's show was spectacular." MUSICAL ROOTS: Began playing...

Xtreme calendar

...Janet Jackson, Sting, the Spice Girls, Boyz II Men, Shania Twain, James Taylor, Kelly Price, Lenny Kravitz and Tina Turner. WEDNESDAY: It's wacky; it's crazyl it gave Jim Carrey an excuse to use all his funny faces. It also was the...

Middleton to perform Sunday

...had four No.1 and two Top-5 singles. Before his NewSong days, he toured with groups including Three Dog Night, Tina Turner, the Drifters and the Four Tops. His career kept him away from home during much of his children's lives. The oldest...

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