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We must take our nation back

Is there not one person who really stands for the average taxpayer?
For the Record

...clonazepam; and alprazolam) and a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuanaPAROLES Fred Tino Bowman , also known as Timothy Walker , also known as Fred Bowman , also known as Fred T. Bowman , 36, convicted May 3, 2005, in Richmond County of...
Abortion procedures described

...out. As for the second question, let me answer: The only true difference between abortions and what several women have done recently is that someone makes money with abortions; the other way they don't. Timothy Walker, North Augusta
On the record

...count of possession of marijuana; paroled to Dougherty County effective Sept. 22 Fred Tino Bowman, also known as Timothy Walker, also known as Fred Bowman, 32, convicted Sept. 13, 2005, in Richmond County of possession of cocaine; sentenced...
Richmond Neighbors
Mr. W.L. Walker (ROCKFORD, Ill.)

...Lovingly cherishing his memories are his mother; his daughter, Jacqueline Walker; his sons, Dwayne Walker and Timothy Walker; brothers, David Walker, Willie Walker and Thomas Walker; sisters, Marie Walker and Martha Walker. Carters Mortuary...