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DA: Woman released from prison too soon

...serve at least two years in prison after she was convicted of killing a baby was released a year too soon by mistake.DA Tim Vaughn of the Oconee Judicial Circuit says Amy Rogers Jones was sentenced to five years in prison for the killing of Jaci Rogers...
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Magazine lists town as corrupt

...ballots -- more than four times the number of absentee votes in previous elections. Dodge County District Attorney Tim Vaughn, who called state officials to report the unusual election activities, said Saturday that the article "brings disgrace...
Justifiable homicides on the rise in Georgia

...scrutinize each killing on a case-by-case basis."I don't sense that the statute has led to a greater change," said Tim Vaughn, the Oconee County District Attorney. "You just have to apply common sense when evaluating the facts of each situation...
Across Georgia

...indications are that the deceased put the deputy in the position where he did what he had to do," District Attorney Tim Vaughn said. Training center chief changes federal jobs BRUNSWICK -The director of the federal training center is moving to...