Don't let this TIF out of the box

...it struck many as a creative application of TIF. It's always healthy for leaders to think...public hearing, it's clear FineDeering's TIF project should not be allowed outside the box. TIF, acronym for tax increment financing, is a...

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North Augusta flouts spirit of TIF law to push stadium scheme

...primer on the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) law. The South Carolina legislature authorized...1996, North Augusta created a 457-acre TIF district that encompassed the Hammond's...five acres of commercial development in the TIF, and permitting the school district to...

Stop Aiken TIF plan in its tracks

...the $36 million Tax Increment Financing (TIF) proposal before the Aiken County Council...every $1 in tax revenue collected. If the TIF is approved, not only would taxpayers have...would build whether or not they receive the TIF money! A one-time decision in favor of...

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Aiken County TIF plan must be stopped

...considering a Tax Increment Finance ("TIF") proposal for two residential development...the North Augusta City Council approved a TIF-financed Riverfront Redevelopment Project...school taxes essentially exempted from the TIF. The developer requesting the TIF is concurrently...

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Aiken taxpayers will lose in TIF deal

Regarding the proposed TIF district: The Aiken County Council recently...is the council considering a $36 million TIF proposal that will require $64 million...several years, be diverted to paying off the TIF bond. Who, then, will foot the bill for...

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'Chronicle' shines light on TIF dealings

...for printing the complete and unvarnished truth about Aiken's TIF bond issue, especially about meetings behind closed doors...or busted. If no laws have been broken, and then if this TIF passes, the second-biggest con job has succeeded. Nowhere...

Georgia Vietnam Certificate of Honor program progressing slowly

...Nearly a half century later, appreciation for Vietnam veterans has grown. Gov. Nathan Deal unveiled the Vietnam War Cer tif icate of Honor program in March to recognize all Georgia veterans who served in Vietnam, but state records show only about 4...

Place the Aiken TIF proposal in proper perspective

...Council meeting minutes when its downtown TIF unanimously passed. Fred Cavanaugh was the mayor at the time: "The TIF concept is an economic development tool...experiencing rapid growth or development." "The TIF district encourages development because...

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Stadium TIF is a bad idea

...tax funds for any time after the current TIF expires in 2016 would be detrimental to...shortfalls and have been for a long time. This TIF has tied up needed county tax funds for...are other valid reasons not to approve the TIF extension. If the city and the stadium...

Resident, pastor disagree on TIF plan

...pastor of one of the largest churches in the Valley to help endorse something so controversial. If he and other supporters of TIF, like myself, lived on Trolley Line Road, would they still support it? Their front lawn could be swallowed up by a widening...

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