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Beard incredulous over investigation

...politely said he'd look into the matter and report back. Now, if you don't know to head for high ground if the Thurmond Lake dam bursts or to go west if a hurricane from the Atlantic is blowing toward you, a sign is not likely to help you...
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Strange sights nothing new in area skies

...that's required. About a month ago, the airport received a call from a man who said he saw strange lights around the Thurmond Lake Dam in Columbia County. Airport officials told the man C-130 military planes often fly near the dam at night. According...
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Fishing report

...Bob Baurle), 1-706-793-8053 - Gregory Kist and I caught a bunch of big yellow perch and bream below the Thurmond Lake Dam. We used hybrid pink worms, hybrid red worms and small shiners. While many perch hit the shiners, we also caught...
Fishing report

...have been winning. The writer burned up three-quarters of a tank of gas in seeking schooling fish in front of Thurmond Lake Dam, in Clarks Hill Park, the church cove, Keg Creek, Chigoe Creek, Owl Branch (Modoc Shores), Hamilton Branch...
Note reasons for Lake Thurmond

...bass boats or to keep the water level up around docks on the lake. Since 1990 the Corps has cut the discharge from Thurmond Lake Dam when they are not generating power. The water level has ruined the fishing below the dam and Stephens Creek. The...
Holiday evokes memories

...79-year-old Mary Hammond was ordered to leave her home. Her son, who lives next door to her five miles from Thurmond Lake Dam in Edgefield County, said he didn't want to see her stuck inside on her special day. So he paid for a brunch...
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AP awards Chronicle staff

...Graphics Editor John Fleming received second-place recognition for his graphic on the turbine operations of the Thurmond Lake dam. The contest was judged by AP member newspaper editors in Illinois. Other newspapers in the Morris Communications...
Rants and raves

...County government, especially the transit departments. YOU WILL BE under 60 feet of water in downtown Augusta if Thurmond Lake dam gives out, levee or no levee. So plan your escape. GEORGIA CITIZENS, get ready for another "Sonny Do." It's...
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Training exercise

Martinez-Columbia firefighter Keith Connor is helped back onto the road after rappelling down the Thurmond Lake Dam with a partner during a training exercise.
Corps to stage reactor rescue, an 820-ton decommissioned nuclear reactor needs the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to pump water from Thurmond Lake Dam today to lift the barge-bound steel vessel high enough to be lifted by crane onto land. Connecticut Yankee Atomic...