Three Mile Island's radioactive debris remains a headache

...radioactive debris taken from the Three Mile Island reactor, site of the nation's...said Eric Epstein, chairman of Three Mile Island Alert, a frequent TMI critic...percent of the uranium fuel from Three Mile Island. A combination of mechanical...

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Industry cites progress in 25 years since Three Mile Island accident

...on a nuclear power plant in central Pennsylvania. Three Mile Island would become a catchword for the industry's perils...the institute. Ironically, the industry now cites Three Mile Island as a symbol of its competitiveness. The destroyed...

GPU sells remaining power plants for $1.72 billion

...Morristown-based utility, which sold the Unit 1 reactor of the Three Mile Island nuclear plant earlier this year, is following through...Co. signed agreements last month for the sale of Three Mile Island Unit 1 in Harrisburg, Pa. AmerGen is owned jointly...

Weird trick to cure nuclear waste problem!

...people went about their lives and cheerfully added more and more electric appliances to their homes. Then the 1979 Three Mile Island accident, which harmed no one but scared everyone, ended the building boom. However, existing plants and those...

Southern Co. building coal-fired power plant

...increases from hostile state regulators, and nuclear plant overruns ballooned under new safety demands after 1979's Three Mile Island incident.The company history says that at one point in 1979, Mississippi Power was down to less than six months...

Mystery growth on Savannah River Site nuclear waste not spreading

...rare, bacterial colonies have been observed in a few nuclear environments, including a Canadian reactor and at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, where a growth developed in the site's spent fuel basin after its 1979 accident."This material...

First above-ground structure raised at new reactors

...reactor core brought into the U.S. since the electric industry stopped building nuclear plants in the wake of the Three Mile Island incident.And there will be the 54-hour continuous pours of concrete for each containment building.An on-site...

Nuclear power may be in its twilight

...true. Feelings mixed Since the Three Mile Island accident in Middletown, Pa...them had been planned before Three Mile Island; none has been ordered since...slipped from 70 percent before Three Mile Island to 43 percent in 1997, according...

Potassium Iodide activist being heard 20 years into campaign

...iodide has been Alan Morris' cause. In the wake of Three Mile Island, he founded Anbex, Inc., a company that makes...the next year. "It's 23 years and one week since Three Mile Island, that's how difficult it has been," said Peter...

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Nuclear industry group works behind the scenes

...the accident 30 years ago at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania. The executives...the things that happened at Three Mile Island was the weak preparation and...States has seen no repeat of Three Mile Island, and the number of unplanned...