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Concerns mount over safety of LNG tankers

...They see them and they're so large and they say, 'Is this some type of a risk?"' Katulak said. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino wants to take no chances. He sued to keep LNG tankers out of the harbor after Sept. 11 - even after the Coast Guard...
Public Libraries Debating How to Handle Access to Net Pornography

...probably have something to offend everyone." Others, however, are willing to draw lines. In February, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, reacting to news reports of angry parents, decreed that all city computers, including the library's, must...
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Party time for Super Bowl champion Patriots, fans

...extra hour break to attend the festivities. Acting Gov. Jane Swift, U.S. Sen. John Kerry and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino attended the rally. Laurie Jerome, 40, of Westwood, said she and her husband Michael, 37, returned from New...
Beantown blows stack over blown calls, many of them Red Sox rooters. A banner headline in the Boston Herald read: "Robbed Again." Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino issued a statement apologizing for the "inappropriate behavior" by the Fenway fans. The crowd went crazy after...
Boston requires companies to pay `living wage' incumbent upon us to ensure that the rising tide does in fact raise all boats, not just the yachts," Mayor Thomas M. Menino said in signing the ordinance. Companies that receive city contracts or subsidies worth more than $100,000 must...
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