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'Hands Across the Border' campaign starts in Augusta area

Patrolling both sides of the Thirteenth Street Bridge, the annual Hands Across the Border campaign kicked off Thursday evening.
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Rowers from the Head of the South Regatta are seen from the Thirteenth Street bridge.
Opposes site for golf hall garden

...Thirteenth and Reynolds Street is one of the busiest crossings in Augusta, with access to South Carolina via the Thirteenth Street bridge. Mildred's is located at the corner. This is a direct route for personnel, out-patients and ambulances...
Editorials | Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Botanical Gardens
The best-laid plans for highway trends often go awry

...Like the Bobby Jones Expressway, it provides an additional crossing of the river just west of the existing Thirteenth Street Bridge." Mr. Patty said it was later determined that the Midtown Route and extension of Calhoun Expressway "weren't...
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North Augusta's Riverside Boulevard to provide access to new golf course, hotel by year's end

...days, Mr. Blayton said. Riverside Boulevard will terminate in a roundabout, or traffic circle, near the Thirteenth Street Bridge. There, motorists will be directed into the golf course clubhouse area, residences or onto Shoreline Drive...