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Experts push limit of lie detection devices

...Bill Norris, the director of the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment, said as he talked about the thermal-imaging device that measured his face's temperature. Besides serving as a hub for high-tech research into futuristic methods...
Court hears arguments on thermal image search

...ban on unreasonable searches when they trained a thermal imaging device on Danny Lee Kyllo's house -- without a search...Circuit Court of Appeals later upheld the use of the thermal imaging device, saying its use did not constitute an illegal...
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Thermal protection

...Irmo Fire District wants to purchase a $25,000 device for locating people trapped in a smoke filled room.The thermal imaging device called the CairnsIRIS can see body heat from victims or heat behind walls. Here, five-year-old Cory Cromer...
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Marijuana seizure illegal, Ga. court will be told to illegally seize evidence and charge his client as an indoor marijuana farmer.Authorities used a thermal imaging device to detect a "hot spot" in the garage of James Brundige's home on Club Drive, then presented that to a judge...