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Lost and found

...testimony.That cements a stronger implication that the IRS has been knowingly covering up its role as a weapon of the West Wing ? targeting conservative groups critical of the Obama administration.A government willing to lie about key evidence...
Where's our president?

...shame that when anything happens, our president is either on the way to a fundraiser, playing golf or sleeping in the West Wing of the White House?It happened again with the recent Malaysian Airlines crash! He could not miss a fundraiser to...
Jay Carney quits White House post

...Carney had demonstrated good judgment and temperament and said he will continue to rely on his advice from outside the West Wing. The two men embraced before Obama made his exit. ___
'Social Network' wins top honors

...for screenplay for Aaron Sorkin and musical score for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.Sorkin, the creator of TV's The West Wing , had kind words for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network ."Mark Zuckerberg...
Coverage penalties weak, insurers say

...the White House arranged Monday for the president to have about 150 doctors arrayed in the lawn area just outside the West Wing. To make sure no one watching at home or catching news footage later would miss the point, the physicians wore their...
Life & style
Myth, reality a potent combination

...expectations of what he could bring to the presidency brings into focus what Americans want from a leader. JED BARTLET The West Wing (1999-07) - Who could ask for a better role model than President Josiah Bartlet, of New Hampshire, as portrayed...
'War' is a hilarious satire that hammers too much

...talking, after all, about the director of Catch-22 and Primary Colors and the writer of A Few Good Men and TV's The West Wing . Everyone is so glamorous and witty and intriguing, they make you wish government could be this much fun all the...
Mondale critical of vice president

...experience who would be his senior adviser," Mr. Eizenstat said of Mr. Carter. Mr. Mondale moved his office to the West Wing of the White House, held private luncheons once a week with the president and represented him before influential groups...
Broadcast networks face challenges in outlining fall schedules

...On the Sunset Strip," a star-packed ensemble about life backstage at a late-night TV comedy, created by "The West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin. NBC has also given the green light to "The Black Donnellys," about four Irish brothers...
NBC cancels retrospective on 'The West Wing'

...series' history. Instead, NBC is airing a repeat of "The West Wing" pilot on Sunday prior to the final episode, where...condition of anonymity. Showing the very first episode of "The West Wing" costs NBC nothing because the production was long-since...