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Elinor Milikin

...graduated from Augusta College, then the University of Georgia (Class of 1936), and was a newspaper reporter for the Weekly News in Hollywood, Florida, for several years. She then taught school at the John Milledge Elementary School in Augusta...
People in the News

...ever. "'The Zahir' talks more about myself than in any other text," the best-selling Brazilian author told the weekly news magazine Isto E. Coelho also has written "The Alchemist" and "Eleven Minutes." --- On the Net: http...
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Civil War buff opens personal library for research

...the carts carrying the rough boxes which contained the bodies of the slain." -- "Our Women in the War," by The Weekly News and Courier of Charleston, S.C., published 1885. "Quietly, she said: `No, my son, your place is not by...
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Ask Us: Lemmings not truly suicidal

...Time magazine, but didn't he have a partner? A: Yes. Best friend and fellow Yale student Briton Hadden founded the weekly news magazine with Henry Luce in 1923, three years after the two had graduated from that Ivy League institution, according...
Gospel program will celebrate anniversary at Bell

...on more than 150 stations in the nation. Continuous running time of 55 years. TV show: 1947, Meet the Press, the weekly news and politics show has played host to every American president since Kennedy. Continuous running time of 57 years...
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Shuttle crew seen on videotape salvaged from wreckage

...the board investigating the disaster knew about the videotape for the past several days but did not discuss it at the weekly news conference Tuesday afternoon, the official said, because they wanted to give NASA time to show it to the astronauts...
Local satirical columnist forgets to write column

In late breaking news this week, a local satirical columnist revealed that he indeed missed deadline on his column. Traditionally written on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, the weekly News Abuser column has become a fixture in the blogosphere, and the disruptions are said to have been felt as far away as Hephzibah and Evans.