Scenes for horror movie being filmed at Sacred Heart

...the largest that her department has assisted but noted that two other productions were recently taped in Augusta. The Weather Channel shot a segment last November on the city's "haunted pillar" for its series American Supernatural, and a paranormal...

Every dog has his days, don't they?

...don't think so.I'm sure you'll agree that dogs enjoy sports shows much more, with an occasional check of the Weather Channel or any movie featuring Bruce Willis with a machine gun.And they'll be able to see these shows very well, too...

Most viewed of 2014

...Reader snow/ice photos5. Morris Museum GalaVideos1. Sonny the 70-year-old bodybuilder2. James Brown's House3. Female Officer Survival Course4. Washington Road water tower leak5. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore in Augusta

Weather page can fascinate

On the front page of Saturday's editions is a reminder to set your clocks back an hour tonight as Daylight Saving Time ends. Near that graphic is a daily weather symbol with the day's high and low temperatures and an iconic forecast, although not one to be remembered forever.

Weather Channel reaches deal to return to DirectTV

LOS ANGELES - The Weather Channel is returning to DirecTV with a significant compromise that affects...running WeatherNation, the channel it first picked up to replace The Weather Channel when the dispute started. It announced a multiyear deal with...

Sam Champion's new morning show format at Weather Channel goes beyond weather

NEW YORK - Sam Champion is trying to deliver more than a weather forecast.

Georgia governor outlines action plans for future storm response

...link Georgians with information on emergency shelters, transportation routes and more. GEMA has consulted with the Weather Channel and Georgia Tech, and the overhaul effort will include an aggressive marketing campaign, officials said in the...

Weathering the storm with a real media star

...went over and talked to him in between reports.And, yes, if anyone asks, he's a nice guy. MEDIA MECCA: The Weather Channel is here ... Augusta is featured onCops this month. Wow. We're suddenly the place to be.And despite the ice...

Weather, insects, plan viruses challenged gardeners in 2014

...The next major event was the ice storm of the century that came Feb. 11 and 12. We knew we were in trouble when the Weather Channel sent Jim Cantore to Augusta. With the damage to our trees, it looked like a war zone. You could expect a lot...

Polly Clark

...For several years in between teaching, she served as an executive assistant with The Coca-Cola Company and the Weather Channel in Atlanta, Georgia. She retired from the Gwinnett County School System in 2012. Polly is survived by her two...