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Drug war is pointless

...fact that's apparently not realized: Making drugs illegal does little to control the supply or the consumption. The war on drugs is pointless, and it costs us a ton of money.There's also a bigger issue at hand here, and that's the issue...
Eye militarized police

...make these items necessary in foreign war theaters.The excuse for their acquisition in America was to prosecute the war on drugs. To not question their possession and use is a symptom of citizenship in lethargy.So, America, while you clutter...
Libertarian candidate Amanda Swafford only person in U.S. Senate race with experience

ATLANTA - Of the three candidates running for the open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia this fall, only one has ever held public office, Amanda Swafford.
Conservatives are "anti-science"? Let's talk about that

...we keep telling Congress that we're solving this terrible problem. We've played a less than honorable role in the war on drugs." Does science influence public policy and politics, or is it the other way around? Some might say it's a little...
Ed Koch, former NY mayor, dies

NEW YORK - Former Mayor Ed Koch, the combative, acid-tongued politician who rescued New York City, died Friday. He was 88.
Give Libertarians a chance

...had a number of Republican conservatives in office, and they've all overspent.Then you've got issues such as the war on drugs, which is a total failure. Twenty-five percent of all incarcerations in this country are for nonviolent drug offenses...
The two sides of freedom

...troubling number of stories emerging, too, of police actions of questionable constitutionality, especially where the war on drugs is concerned.Obamacare alone may be the government's biggest power grab in U.S. history, forcing us to buy...
Hard-earned money wasted

Taxing them tends to shrink the economy, and is not the way to grow the economy.
Irrelevant Iowa?

Why should anybody play the Iowa way if the state picks someone with almost no chance of being president?
Police procedures at issue

Neighborhood activists urged lawmakers Saturday to limit police powers in the wake of a shootout that left an elderly woman dead after plainclothes officers stormed her home unannounced using a "no-knock" warrant.