Top travel destinations for 2015

NEW YORK - See Cuba before it changes. Check out the Expo in Milan. And if you're heading to New York City to see the view from 1 World Trade Center's observatory (scheduled to open late spring), take the subway to Queens and see if you...

Frugal skiers flock to Maine for $20 tickets and 25-cent coffee

...locally acclaimed doughnuts made by Delano's 88-year-old mother. Grandpas and grandmas sit by the windows enjoying the view, enhancing the family-atmosphere glow. There's even a bunny trail called Granny."A lot of them come to watch...

Rants & Raves

...crime. Accused, not convicted, you are guilty according to the news and social media. I'm with Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Once that accusation is there you are guilty no matter of your defense. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE are demonstrating for young...

Kia jumps on the all-electric bandwagon with Soul EV

...The rear camera is a lifesaver, since window pillars at the sides of the rear liftgate window are thick and obscure the view of approaching traffic as the Soul backs up.The test electric car was fully charged by a regular, 120-volt outlet...

Raising the minimum wage also will increase job losses

...raised this controversial, if mistaken, notion, if only to help clear the air. But it drastically fails to negate the view that these suggested minimum-wage hikes will substantially and adversely affect employment of unskilled workers, those...

2015 forecast calls for 2 percent job growth in Augusta

...to draw on liquid assets to buy a big-ticket item, something else has to give," he said. "That something else in the view of rational consumers is discretionary spending."The economist also mentioned a topic that became an issue in the governor's...

Agencies at SRS are reaching the summit of nuclear waste cleanup

...puts a final exclamation point on the Cold War, where the legacy waste began.This is one climb that's really worth the view. (The writer is the president and project manager of Savannah River Remediation.)

Plants, fences obstructing views are threat to motorists

...be tall or short. It can be living or inanimate. From trees to bushes to signs to fences, it's whatever obstructs the view of oncoming traffic, and Augusta has its own set of ordinances to combat the problem."It's for the safety of the...

AP survey: Economists say China slowdown will cause global pain but leave US relatively unhurt

...luxury goods from Europe.But its role as a global engine is fading as its economy slows, and many other nations, in the view of economists, will feel the pain. An Associated Press survey of 30 economists has found that 57 percent expect China's...

Uh-oh, it's that time again: Uncontrolled envy is a dangerous emotion

...The median family income fell by 5 percent from 2010 to 2013, while average incomes rose 4 percent, consistent with the view of growing inequality in incomes.But journalists, in interpreting these results, could not avoid making the fuzziest...