Augusta doctor appointed to Medical Board

An Augusta pain physician has been appointed to the Georgia board that oversees the licensing of doctors.

Ralph Roberts, founder of cable giant Comcast, dies at 95

NEW YORK - Ralph Roberts, a cable pioneer who built Comcast from a small cable TV system in Mississippi into an entertainment and communications behemoth, has died. He was 95.

Match Day serious fun for med students

Welcome to Match Day, when senior medical students get an envelope that informs them where their top choices of residency programs lined up with the preferred list from the programs themselves to land them a coveted residency slot.

SC State not alone among HBCUs struggling to survive

COLUMBIA- While decades of leadership strife have contributed to South Carolina State University's fiscal crisis, it is certainly not alone among historically black colleges nationwide struggling to survive.

Frank Ewald Jr.

...Academy in Annapolis, Maryland to Captain Frank W. Ewald, Sr. and Anne Oakley Ewald. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, 1973, with a B.A., Cum Laude, Biology, and earned his graduate and professional degree in medicine...

Kickstarter users search for the secret to being chosen 'Staff Pick'

NEW YORK - Want your project to get selected as a "Staff Pick" on crowdfunding site Kickstarter? Good luck with that.

Charles, Nola Falcone kept connections to Augusta

A Florida couple found dead in their second home on Walton Way kept deep connections to Augusta although many say they hardly knew the husband or wife.

Ripe for reform

Honestly, where's the accountability?

Ex-governors urge citizenship test for students

COLUMBIA - Three former South Carolina governors are pushing for high school students to take the same test that immigrants must pass to become a U.S. citizen.

Nonprofits examine effects of online crowdfunding on traditional giving campaigns

Crowdfunding - where lots of people give small donations online to various projects or social ventures - may be competition for traditional charitable organizations.