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Protect Rebel heritage

I won't stand idly by as our people come under assault.
5 decades later, US-Cuba diplomatic ties restored

U.S, Cuba restore full diplomatic relations after more than 5 chilly decades.
US arrives in congested Sao Paulo for World Cup

SAO PAULO - The 4,080-mile overnight flight to Sao Paulo was easy for the U.S. World Cup team. A 4-mile bus ride from its base hotel through the city's perpetually congested streets to the Americans' training camp was another matter.
City displays 36-star flag where 50-star should be, vice versa

The Riverwalk flagpole designated for the current American flag waved a 36-star flag, which dates to 1865, until Friday, a day after the city's parks, recreation and facilities Director Bob Levine said he would "look into it."
Clarke ensures his place in history

SANDWICH, England --- Rarely is a winner as popular with the fans and players as Darren Clarke was in the British Open.
'Everyman' commentator Rooney known for insights

...later co-wrote three books with Oram C. Hutton based on their wartime experiences, including "The Story of the Stars and Stripes." Rooney was married for 62 years to a high school girlfriend, Marguerite "Marge" Howard, until her death...
Do what's right for America with check

I spent time in a uniform, pledge my allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, vote early and often, and throw rocks at any sports fans who are too lazy to lift their carcasses off the bleachers when the...
Glynn Moore
Offers more history of Civil War

In response to Andy Reese's Jan. 7 letter, his figures on the percent of Southerners owning slaves in 1860 are inflated. My reference source, The Coming of the Civil War, states that there were 390,000 or about 7 percent who actually owned one or more slaves. This means the vast majority of white Southerners did not directly participate in this institution.
Opinion columns
Downplays South Carolina flag controversy

...they fly up on top there; they can fly "Maggie's Drawers" for all I care, just as long as the one on top is the Stars and Stripes! Let's get a life and get on with it! Seth Benson, Millen
Tees of pride

There are many options out there for those wanting to show support for American men and women serving their country overseas.
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