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...portfolio managers Anthony Chiasson of New York and Todd Newman of Needham, Massachusetts ? were too far removed from the source of inside information to be prosecuted.Dockworkers urged to OK union contractLOS ANGELES - A tentative contract agreement...

Get tough on radical Islam

...been needlessly sacrificing the lives of our young in tactics that can only be described as abject stupidity. We know the sources of radical Islamists' funds, the locations of their training camps and where their leaders are located. We need to...

Natural beauty part of Augusta National's allure

...on a tree near the clubhouse, is believed to be the largest vine of its kind in the country.? The privet hedge at the club was imported from France by the Berckmans in the 1860s and is the source for most hedges of its kind in the South.

High school: Notes on Campusano, Hollie, Quiller

...freshman David Hollie is the other standout. Hollie has advanced size for his age, listed at 6-2 or 6-3 depending on the source, with outstanding projection top to bottom. He has the chance to grow into one of the most physically gifted players...


...Sept. 3, came from an anonymous source within the UAB administration through a third party. He said he didn't know the source's identity.Watts denied Monday that a decision was made before the season, calling Williams' claims otherwise...

Documents show state concerns about execution drug

...the identity of their drug providers. A 2013 Georgia law prohibits the release of any identifying information about the source of execution drugs or any entity involved in an execution, classifying that information as a "confidential state secret...

Lawyers call for thorough investigation of GA execution drug

...secrecy," Gissendaner's lawyers wrote.A 2013 Georgia law prohibits the release of any identifying information about the source of execution drugs, classifying that information as a "confidential state secret."Gissendaner is the only woman...

Did NSA plant spyware in computers around world?

...activists, energy companies and other businesses, as well as government personnel.Without naming the United States as the source of the malware, the report said one of the programs has elements in common with the so-called Stuxnet worm, which...

Hollywood's epic 'Birth of a Nation' glorified injustice

...Kentucky was a border state that did not secede and was relatively unaffected by Reconstruction, Griffith related to the source material for The Birth of a Nation, Thomas Dixon's novel and play The Clansman."Griffith did not question the core...

Todd Gurley is ahead of schedule

...could affect the type of contract McClain receives even if it will not keep him off the field to start the 2015 season. The sources said McClain is appealing the fine. According to the league's new substance abuse policy, a player is fined for...