Aereo presses case despite Supreme Court setback

...top of the compulsory royalties. The compulsory fees typically go to content providers, such as the studio that made The Simpsons or the musicians behind songs performed on TV. The retransmission fees are what local stations want most, as those...

Rants & Raves

...surveillance programs. I wonder when President Obama reads the recommendations will he sweep them under the rug like he did the Simpson-Bowles plan addressing the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility Reform? Is this an exercise in futility just...

Videos make great gifts, and there's no shopping

...10. Fox Home En-tertainment. $199.98.) Never as appreciated as Matt Groening's signature cartoon series The Simpsons, this time trip to New York City of the next millennium is at least as inspired, with a narrative as sprawling as...

Dogs' senior tackle Beard changes mind, will remain in Athens

...and he was transferred by cart about 150 yards to the stadium.He collapsed when he got to the medical facility at the Simpson Center at the stadium around 7 a.m. and Agu was given CPR. He was quickly taken to Alta Bates Medical Center, where...

'The Simpsons' are finally complete at Universal Orlando

...hometown from the animated TV series The Simpsons has been brought to life in a theme...for years, building it around The Simpsons ride that opened in 2008.With a...their photo taken on a replica of the Simpsons' sofa.Though the bold colors...

Savannah 'Extreme Makeover' house sold

...of local volunteers working around the clock, was first listed more than a year ago for $523,000. At the time, the Simpsons indicated they had outgrown the house with the birth of their fourth child. The listed price was reduced to $490...

New mission for former Augusta candidate Rick Allen, others

...demand that spending be cut.Fix the Debt is a bipartisan group aligned with the Concord Coalition that champions the Simpson-Bowles plan for coordinated spending cuts and tax increases through the elimination of deductions.Allen said that...

Many predictions for the future missed the mark

...stagger home each night. That's where some of us keep working, computers on the kitchen table, cellphone always within reach.We were hoping to live The Jetsons. Instead we got The Simpsons.Never saw it coming. Wish that it would go.

Rants & Raves

...Zimmerman was found not guilty the same as O.J. Simpson. I do not recall any mass protest by white people after the Simpson verdict. The difference must be that Zimmerman was a "white" Hispanic involved in the shooting. But here is a news...

Heading off another U.S. credit downgrade means tough choices

...viable deficit reduction plan will not affect them individually, they are mistaken. In fact, one of the virtues of the Simpson-Bowles plan is that everyone is affected, making it easier for politicians and citizens to accept the impact.Simpson-Bowles...