No. 1 Ohio State defeats Virginia Tech

...When he was slow to heal, he removed himself from the three-way quarterback battle."''This kid's all about the right stuff and I'm honored to coach him again for a fourth year. I love this guy," coach Urban Meyer said.The Buckeyes...

The right stuff is needed for success

...as possible to start.Not only do you have to be at the right places at the right time, but you've got to have the right stuff. I carry fishing rods rigged with a white ice Zoom Super Fluke rigged on a quarter-ounce jig head; another fluke...

Chris Pratt evolves into leading man in 'Jurassic World'

...missing the instinct.The perennial goofball turned leading man isn't merely a hero on screen. Apparently, he has the right stuff in reality, too."That's who he is. He takes responsibility for the well-being of those around him," said...

Websightings: Hot spots on the Internet

...html /check/THE REASON: The right stuff rides again. Astronaut John Glenn...last ride of a guy who still has the right stuff. Richard T. De Van is decidedly...Just History Anymore, has all the right stuff to make it not only a tribute...

XXX Technology
Fantasize about world record? Book reveals how to catch one

...the right fish), your name in the record book. It's not easy, but it's possible. All you need is to have the right stuff at the right place at the right time and the right know-how. Right? Right. If you're a woman, you may even...

Other sports
Brandt Snedeker healthy, hoping for victory in Masters

...Snedeker, who is working with instructor Butch Harmon. "I feel confident in what we're doing, and I'm working on the right stuff. My game feels really, really good."

Celebrate 45 years since man's first steps on moon

...EDT.-Pull out the popcorn and relive NASA's early glory days through documentaries and films. Some choices: The Right Stuff from 1983, For All Mankind documentary from 1989, Apollo 13 from 1995, From the Earth to the Moon TV miniseries...

Army study gives women taste of combat tasks

...combat-related, commanders are turning to science to find a unisex standard to judge which soldiers physically have the right stuff to fight wars.Testing at Fort Stewart and other U.S. bases is breaking away from the Army's longtime standards...

Tough doctor's test ahead?

...condition and trajectory are clearly starving for leadership.Is he the guy?In our view, he could be. He's got the right stuff, only more so than most: He's obviously brilliant and well-schooled, dedicated to constitutional principles...

Scott rebuilt whole approach with winning majors in mind

...rubbish," Scott said. "I finally made one there and it was just rubbish anyway. I just thought I'm not doing the right stuff here. Something's not in place and it's not going to change just by making a cut."Scott's carefully crafted...