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Brain scans could help spot concussion-related disease, study shows

NEW YORK - A brain-scanning technique might one day help identify people with a disease linked to concussions in football and other sports, an illness now diagnosed only after death, a small study suggests.
Study: Alcohol interferes with male partnering

It sounds like an old cliche but it is true: After a bout of drinking together, males are less interested in pairing back up with their partner while females are more strongly attracted to their mate, at least in an animal model of human behavior.
More than 1 million in Georiga underinsured

In Georgia, the 1.8 million uninsured were joined by slightly more than a million underinsured in 2012, the Commonwealth Fund report found.
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Let's keep looking for something better. Until then, see you at the pumps.
Once infertile, woman gives birth after surgery

A 30-year-old infertile woman gave birth after surgeons removed her ovaries and re-implanted tissue they treated in a lab, researchers report.
MCG studies protein-blocker with potential to control damaging inflammation

Blocking a common protein could help in fighting cancer, viral infections and precursors to heart disease, researchers are finding.
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Even marine reserves, which are supposed to protect fish, apparently cannot save them when coral reefs start to decline.
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When astronauts see flashes of light, they're not just suffering from space jet lag. Physicists have found that the mysterious flashes are produced by high-energy particles called cosmic rays interacting with the eye.
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Study: filtering water through cloth can halve cholera cases

WASHINGTON -- Simply filtering water through old sari fabric may be enough to reduce cholera cases by about half in rural villages in Bangladesh, researchers say
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Male Bornean tree-hole frogs adjust their mating calls to make sure they ring true for females, a new study suggests.
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