Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...whose loved ones were victims of Mr. High and three others were not allowed to watch the execution, but were present at the prison Tuesday evening. "He fired that shotgun at Bonnie's head. Two of the pellets tore his ear," Mrs. Phillips said...

Inmates get Obamacare

...expansion of Medicaid that allows states to extend coverage to single and childless adults, which is a major part of the prison population.Ohio is one of a growing number of states working to enroll robbers, rapists and murderers into Obamacare...

FBI rescues kidnap victim in Atlanta

...two-story townhomes with brick and wood siding are next-door to a federal penitentiary, and the razor wire that rings the prison can be seen from the townhomes.More than half a dozen federal agents were still at the scene about 8 a.m. Most were...

Teen sentenced to 10 years for robberies

...28, 2012, Trezmaine Williams, 18, was killed and 19-year-old Dontavious Payne was wounded. Payne is facing charges of armed robbery and murder.Once Calloway completes the prison term, he will have 10 years to serve on probation.

James C. Tate Jr. gets prison term for near-fatal shooting

...years in prison.James C. Tate Jr., 32, will have an additional five years to serve on probation after he completes the prison term under the plea agreement worked out in Richmond County Superior Court.Assistant District Attorney Amanda Heath...

SC prison program uses dogs to teach compassion

...and empathy to carry into their lives outside the prison walls."The buzz around the prison is that it brings such a joy," Thompson said...making room for more animals to rotate into the prison program.Healing Species has a separate rescue...

SC appeals inmate case, tries mental health fixes

...inmates get mental health treatment even after they leave the prison system.That sort of community-based treatment on...she will continue to push for mental health funding for the prisons agency. In documents submitted as part of the trial...

Man who shot dog of injured veteran given maximum sentence

...learned of the Johnsons and Balto, Craig said.He imposed a 20-year sentence for burglary and five years for aggravated cruelty to animals. The sentences are consecutive to each other and consecutive to the prison term he is now serving.

Georgia House committee advances bill empowering for-profit probation companies

...parole board to lobby legislators to remove that restriction. Bobby Whitworth, who had also served as the commission of the prison and probation system, was convicted of public corruption.In recent years, the Private Probation Association of Georgia...

Full text of President Obama's State of the Union address

...Afghan war ending, this needs to be the year Congress lifts the remaining restrictions on detainee transfers and we close the prison at Guantanamo Bay - because we counter terrorism not just through intelligence and military action, but by remaining...