Augusta man dies by lethal injection

...whose loved ones were victims of Mr. High and three others were not allowed to watch the execution, but were present at the prison Tuesday evening. "He fired that shotgun at Bonnie's head. Two of the pellets tore his ear," Mrs. Phillips said...

Jean Smith

...services. She served as an Elder, Class of 1997 and Deacon, Class of 2006 and 2008. Jean worked with Meals on Wheels, the Prison Ministry, Tea at Brandon Wilde, and chaired GAP Ministry in the past. Many people have been touched by Jean's generosity...

Man who ran gets twice the prison term

Russell Benjamin was scheduled to plead guilty to a federal sex charge on Oct. 22, but earlier that morning he cut off his GPS monitoring leg bracelet and bolted

Rants & Raves

...Obama's awful footsteps, and sure enough ? in time, everybody will be poor. I DETEST WHAT happened to Cortez Berry in the prison system; however, I detest more what he did to get sent to prison. We must understand that there are consequences for...

Judge urges ex-Atlanta educators to accept sentencing deals in test cheating conspiracy trial

...vulnerable children in our city, and they were short-changed," Baxter said. "They were passed on and now they're in the prison system."Baxter said he thought Monday morning that he had arrived at a fair sentence. Then District Attorney Paul...

Former SC Supreme Court justice ministers to prisoners

...become involved in a prison ministry."There's such a need there. Though the need is great outside the prison, the need is great inside the prison," Burnett said. "Would you rather an inmate come out of prison as a more proficient criminal or...

No more cellblock 'selfies'

...ignited discussions about inmate-on-inmate violence, we would hope it draws as much attention to corruption within the prison system itself.That corruption, after all, is what's helping enable the inmate violence.Think about it: How else...

Governor praises legislative work in Columbia County stop

...programs for juveniles and "accountability courts" for adult offenders is already seeing success in keeping people out of the prison system.Deal also pointed to changes in the education system that encourage more students to use the state technical...

Michaux: The wrong sporting event has fans

...months for attacking the mother of three of his children ? the longest sentence of his multiple guilty plea bargains. The prison term, of course, was delayed so that Mayweather could get paid to fight Miguel Cotto.Since he keeps getting away...

Augusta man previously convicted of manslaughter faces new charges involving firearms

...Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. sentenced Dinh to seven years in prison followed by 13 years on probation. Dinh completed the prison portion of his sentence and was released May 2, 2014.Dinh has been held without bond since his arrest. He faces a...