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Pop Rocks: Westobou wheel yet unbalanced

Last year about this time, I complimented the Westobou Festival for successfully booking five days' worth of acts that, I felt, would go a long way toward establishing trust. I stand by those words. After this year's festival, however, I feel I should clarify.
Peek, then plan your Westobou Festival

A combination of locals and legends, of fine art explorations and pop culture interaction, this year's Westobou Festival lineup has been built with attracting the greatest common denominator.
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THE SITE: B-Movie TheaterTHE ADDRESS: www.b-movie.comTHE REASON: Ghouls, girls and gore galore In the distant days before central air conditioning and the VCR, summer evenings often meant drive-in movie theaters, vast outdoor arenas where junk food binges and teen passion played out breathlessly against a backdrop of low-budget films.
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2013 Arts Preview: Festivals

It's time for Arts in the Heart and Westobou
Westobou Festival: Body/Head will give voice to silent 'Joan of Arc' film

Silent films, art exhibits to open Westobou Festival.
It's Westobou Festival time: Art, music, dance, visuals and film in focus

This year's Westobou Festival lineup has something to attract all audiences. The Oct. 2-6 festival, themed Connect With the Unexpected, starts Wednesday with film, music, words, dance and visual art.
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The first eight teams to sign up will get in on the second annual Augusta Deliverance Evangelistic Church basketball tournament July 7-8.\n
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Some humanists reassert ties to religious beliefs

The air was tense as the audience rallied for questions after a panel discussion on religion and public schools. An arsenal of explosive issues threatened to burst on the University of California, Irvine, campus where the group had gathered. All the more reason why the first query came as such a surprise. "Do you teach humanism?" asked a middle-aged woman in a quiet voice. The answer was just as unlikely. "I do," said Jim Antenore, who includes the often-overlooked topic in a course on comparative religion he offers at nearby Irvine High School.
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